Monday, 3 July 2017

Player of the day

On Saturday, I played for my team, the Marist Jaguars, in a game against College Rifles.
Our team won 12 tries to 6 .
I scored 3 tries and won the player of the day award.
I received a trophy, a certificate and a special Milo bag.

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Matching nets

Today we learnt about nets. Not nets that catch fish but different nets. If you unfold a shape, it is called a net.

Animal Adventure's part 1: Different land

Once there was a farm. On this farm there was a bull, 2 hens, a donkey, wasps and bees, 2 sparrows and a rabbit. Every day the farmer would feed them and then take them out for a walk.

One day the farmer did not take the animals out for a walk. The animals did not know why. The next day the farmer came and feed them and took them out for a walk but while the farmer was taking them out for a walk, he sneezed.

The animals got scared and ran off while the farmer just stood there shouting ‘come back here’. While they were running a giant claw came and picked all the animals up. When the animals got to the giant ship, a strange creature was standing there looking at them.

‘I am Shquachwiathwer he said and i am the leader of the corcushze’ said the creature. The animals got locked up in a cage and the spaceship was going to blast of in 1 minute. One of the hens used its beak and unlocked the cage.

30 seconds said the timer while the animals were running. The animals tripped up while they only had 15 seconds to get out. The animals got up with only 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second, the animals jumped out just in time.

When they landed, they went splash into some water. They swam out as fast as they could. In front of them they saw a castle.

When they went inside, they saw 2 men with red tops holding a gun in there hands. The men picked the animals up and took them upstairs where they saw a lady with a dress. The lady dressed the animals up and took them to a room where they saw beds, food, and everything they could ask for.

It was getting dark so the animals decided to sleep there the night. The next day the animals woke up and looked out the window. They saw Squachwiathwer on top of the corcushze with a cage full of dangerous looking animals.

Everyone in the castle came to the room that the animals were in and also looked out the window. Squachwiathwer opened the cage and the animals charged at the castle. Everybody followed a guardsmen that came to a secret hole in the wall.

They ran through the hole and came to a secret land. There were magical creatures, giant castles and allot more. ‘Welcome to orphrexa’ said a voice.

They looked down and saw a creature with long ears and small arms and hands. Gar at your service said the creature. ‘Come with Gar to the vasbrada were our lord will speak to you’ said Gar as he walked to the giant castle with the animals, the Guards, and the Queen….

This is Squchwiathwer