Monday, 24 September 2018

Words Per minute Data

Walt: analyse data and display data using a graph

Task Description
Today room 7 did a survey to see how many words all the students could write in 1 minute. After 1 minute was up, we looked at all the scores the kids got and sorted them out in this chart that is above this writing. The way we sorted out the number of words people wrote was our teacher Mr Goodwin asked us all how many words we wrote then created a chart so we could sort it out. After we all had the same answer, we created this chart above and changed the names and color. The amount of words I wrote were 27.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Qwanel the Zebra

Walt: write using humour

Qwanel was a Zebra who wanted to be a famous rugby player. He was only 2 years old (Which in human years was about 5 years old), but he never wanted to do anything more than to play rugby. He played for the ARC (Animal Rugby Club).
In his first year of rugby he scored 0 tries, did 0 rips, and whenever he got the ball, he would either go sideways or backwards, and, because this was his first year, his coach didn’t care to much. In his second year of rugby, he also scored 0 tries, got 0 rips, and whenever he got the ball, he would either run sideways, backwards, or would throw the ball at his teammates really hard so they would fall over and cry. The next year, he played his first year of tackle, so, since his coach didn’t want him to fail again, his coach called Daniel Carter so he could help Qwanel, and, to her surprise, Daniel Carter actually said yes.
The next day, Qwanel went with his parents to meet Daniel Carter, though Qwanel just thought that he needed extra practice. When he meet Daniel Carter, his jaws dropped, he peed his pants, and then jumped up and about excitedly. After he finally calmed down, Daniel Carter said “lets start training”.

For the next 5 weeks, Qwanel learnt how to tackle, how to get tries, how to pass, and so much more. On his next game, Daniel Carter came to watch. On that game, Qwanel got 2 tries, 8 tackles, and passed the ball to his teammates a few times. Qwanel then got player of the day.
The next game, a very very big kid was playing against Qwanel and his team. About halfway through the game, the big kid got the ball and decided he could run through Qwanels team and get a try, so, he ran through everyone in Qwanels team, apart from Qwanel. Qwanel stood back waiting for the guy and got ready to tackle the guy. The came in, getting ready to bump of Qwanel, but Qwanel tackled him instead. The match was cancelled because the big kid and the rest of Qwanels team were upset and were crying. That day, Qwanel learnt not only how to be good at rugby, but also how to be brave.

Task Description
In this task my teacher Mr Goodwin told me and my class to create a funny short story. If you want to read it then just go to the top of this post and read down.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Takeaway Shop Dollars

Walt: use subtraction strategies to solve tricky problems

Task Description
In this task I answer question about a takeaway. This is the second working in the takeaway series.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Takeaway Shop

Walt: use subtraction strategies to solve tricky problems

Task Description
In this task I answer subtraction questions that relate to our Takeaway shop next to our school.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

Hello and welcome to this post. About a week or two ago, me and my class went to our school library and got books to read. The book I got was A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons by Cressida Cowell. The book has about 200 pages and it is really funny. Out of all the How to train your dragon books, this one has got to be the best.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Monster Character Descriptions: Part 2

Walt: write quality blog comments

Task Description
This is the second part of Monster Character Descriptions. If you haven't seen the first one then all you have to do is to scroll down one post to find it. Thank you for viewing my blog.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Monster Character Descriptions: Part 1

Walt: write quality blog comments

Task Description
In this activity I write a description for Monsters. Sadly I didn't complete it all so the stuff I didn't complete will be on part 2.