Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Reaction question

Do you think it is a good to learn our times tables using songs Why/Why not? I think it is a good idea because if we are learning times tables then we can learn two different times tables at the same time and if we don't then your not learning a very interesting fact.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Acting at school

Today we went outside to do some acting. Before we went outside we watched a video about Mr. Bean. The video was about him playing invisible instruments without speaking.

We then went outside to start acting. When we got outside, Levonah started by doing her act. I was really excited about it because i love acting. After many people did their acts, my teacher changed the subject.

Instantly i put my hand up after my teacher Ms West said that we were going to pretend to walk a dog in the park. She chose me and i said “here puppy, here puppy”. After Ms West said freeze, instantly i stood frozen in my position.

After other people did what i did, we changed the subject again. We had to get in groups of three or four. After 30 seconds Ms West called us to sit down on the grass.

My friends Freedom and Toby’s group went up to show us there pose. There pose was them playing volley ball. Then there were other groups that came up.

One other group were dancing. Another group were chasing a criminal. Then it started raining so we went back to class.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Problem solving term 4 week 1

Immersion Assembly Term 4 2017

Today we started term 4. We went to class and then we went to assembly. We sat down and waited for Mr Burt to start assembly.

I knew assembly was starting because of the song Musical Madness. Mr Burt welcomed us back and then team 1 started their show. Their show was about all the teachers playing snap and the music controlling how fast and how slow they play.

Next, team 2 sang a song called In the jungle. Soon afterwards, team 3 did a movie about communicating by using parts of another song to say words. Then it was our team's movie where they sang songs in the car.

Finally, team 5 did a show about watching a movie with different music. Then we went back to class. I love School.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Musical madness padlet

Today we came back to school ready for term 4. We had to do this activity to show people all the words we know about music