Monday, 23 September 2019

Excellent Essay Writing

Walt: Peer and Self Assess

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I had to look at 3 different writings, and write what I think they could do next time they write. These pieces of writings were Level 3-4 Writings.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Unreliable Narrators

Walt: Know what good writing is

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and welcome to this post. In this task, I learn about what an Unreliable Narrator is.

How to be a good Kid

Do you think you are a good son or daughter? Do you want to do more for your parents, but you don’t know if your doing enough? This essay will tell you how to be Helpful, Grateful, and Respectful of your parents.

One way to be a good kid is by being helpful. For example, you could just help your parents with the dishes without them asking you to. If you do this, your parents will be really happy and very grateful.

Another way to be a good kid is to be grateful. Being grateful is being happy with whatever you get, no matter what they have for you. You don’t need everything you want, so if you accept that you may not get what you want all the time, then that is a very respectful thing to do, which I'm sure your parents will be happy about.

The final way to be a good kid is to be respectful. Being respectful is respecting what your parents do for you. If you were respectful, like thanking your parents in front of a whole lot of people, you would have made your family proud.

To be a good son, you need to be Helpful, Grateful, and Respectful. This will show that you really care about your parents.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Walt: Identify and describe the function of organelles

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I write about cells, and some cool things about them. We had to investigate the organelles inside of animal cells and make a DLO to describe them. See my slides to learn more.

Patterns 2

Walt: Identify number patterns

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this tasks, I do more patterns. I would like to do more patterns, as they are really fun. Until next time, see ya!

Monday, 16 September 2019


Just because i’m white
Doesn't mean i’m weak
Doesn’t mean i’m poor 
Doesn’t mean i’m rich
Doesn’t mean i’m mean
I am me and that is all I can be 
It doesn't mean I come from a rich family  
I love my life, I love my friends, I love my family 

Thinking Critically

Walt: Think critically about what we read

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and welcome to this post. In this task, I do tasks about inference, and about the protests of Hong Kong.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Good Writing

Walt: Recognize that good writing techniques are universal

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and welcome to this post. In this task, I did a lot of writing about different things. I had to do a bit more, but due to time, I had to get rid of it.


Walt: Make patterns from a rule

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I do a whole bunch of questions about patterns. I like this type of work, and hope to do more like it.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Genomics Presentation

Walt: Inform people of what were doing

Task Description:
Yesterday, Mrs Stone got a few of us to present a little snippet of what we've been doing to people from Christchurch. These people were the people funding our genomics. Even though we only had about 2 hours, we managed to present this slide to them, and I think that they thought it was very inform able. Until next time, see ya!


Walt; figure out about the body

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I do a task on blood, do some inference, and do a bit more on Animal Testing.

Friday, 30 August 2019


Walt: Justify our ideas

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I do a task about Digestions. I also do a poem, more inference, and a task about my viewpoint on animal testing.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Dogs vs Cats

Walt: Use factual information to support our argument

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I give my full answer on the question, are Dogs better pets than Cats?


Walt: Learn about different angles and what their purpose is

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I answer questions about angles.

Friday, 23 August 2019


Walt: Learn about different ways of living

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I write about Narwhal, as they are one of my favorite animals.

The Incredible Octopus

Walt: Justify our ideas

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I do a task on Octopus and inference. I would have called this Octopus if I hadn't had to do another post called Octopus.

Steal to Survive?

Walt: Justify our ideas

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to this post. In this task, I do questions about short stories. I even make one myself!

Thursday, 22 August 2019


Today at tech, I made cushions. The group I am in in tech is Textiles, which is sowing. It took us lots of last term, and lots of this term to make this. Overall, I am very happy with what I ended up with. Until next time, see ya!

Sports Shed

Walt: Make sure each person can understand and explain the group's solution

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I answer questions about Sports Shed.



This week me and my class were learning to inference. This is my image with a deeper meaning, so you have to infer what it is about. It shows that people with more privilege will have a better running start than people without privilege. I've shown this because the person without privilege doesn't get warm clothing or shoes. The reader has to look at these clues to understand the deeper meaning.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Walt: Learn about Octopus

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I say facts about Octopus's. Until next time, see ya!

Friday, 16 August 2019

1000 Words

Walt: Justify our ideas

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I do a short task on words. I was given more work on this slide, but my teacher told me just to do this, as I didn't have much time. Until next time, see ya!


Walt: Identify the deeper meaning within a text

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, me and my literacy class work on Zebrafish. My group also do a poem called 'Nothing Gold Can Stay'.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

KPMG Term 3

Today, the extension team, and a few others, went to KPMG. While we were there, we learnt about the ocean, and about pollution, and what it does. We also did an activity where we had to create a robot to help our gods. My groups god was the God of War, and the God of Mankind. Overall, I think that KPMG was really cool.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

AL87 Games

Walt: Make sure each person can understand and explain group's solution

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I work on volume. I learnt that volume is like area, but it is on 3D shapes, not 2D. Make sure to comment on anything you see that's wrong, and next time, I will try to fix it.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Food Chain

Walt: Writing to give the audience facts

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I do work on the food chain. I also do a poem that is called 'There will come soft rain'.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Vegetable Garden

Walt: Ask questions to clarify other peoples math's thinking

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I answer questions about Vegetable Gardens.

Do Aliens Exist?

Walt: Write to Persuade

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this Task, I work on the question, Do Aliens Exist? Personally I believe that they do exist.

Thursday, 1 August 2019


Walt: Not to copyright

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I learn about copyright, and attribute some images to show that these pictures aren't mine.

Friday, 26 July 2019

My Tree of Life

This is my tree of life. We learnt that in 1835, Charles Darwin discovered a number of animals, and made a theory that all animals are connected, or were connected millions of years ago. The animals that evolved had a better chance of surviving. At the bottom of the tree, there are the things that every animal evolved from.

Shaping Up

Walt: Justify our math's thinking using 'so' and 'because'

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to this post. In this task, I do work on Perimeter's and Area's.

Something in the Water!

On Monday, the whole school went to Immersion Assembly. Immersion Assembly is a Assembly we have in the hall at the start of each term. And finally, after the 2 week holiday we had, we had to go to Immersion Assembly.

After we had our team meeting, which we have everyday before we go to class or assembly, we got into our lines, and headed for the hall. I was excited about this term, because I didn't know what the theme for this term was. It was term 3, so I had my hopes up about what this term was going to be about. When our class got to the hall, and sat down, Mr Burt, who is our principal, told us that the theme for this term was 'Something in the Water', which means that we will be learning about things in the water.

After talking about what the theme for the term was, he showed us a whole lot of sea food, which were already cooked for us. Then I was excited! He gave some of the food to the prefects, who went around and gave out food. Then, while the prefects were doing there thing, it was time for the team 1 movie. The team 1's movie was about a team called S.O.F.A, who went around and helped endangered creatures. This time, they went to the Pt England Reserve, and tried to help the creatures. Then it was time for team 2, 3, and 4, who all talked about sea creatures.

Then it was time for team 5. Team 5, instead of talking about sea creatures, did a cool song about DNA, and cells, and other things that help our body. Then, after the last of the food was handed out, it was time to go back to class.

Overall, I am really excited for this term. I really hope we learn about sea creatures, as I love animals. I also hope we learn about how big the Ocean is. This term is going to be awesome!

Thursday, 25 July 2019

The Importance of Science

Walt: Write for an academic audience

Task Description
Hello, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I answer an important question, how important is Science? I also write why it's important to teach Science. If you would like to learn more, then read on.

What is Science?

Walt: Synthesis information from a range of texts

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I do work on the question, what is Science. Until next time, see ya!

Monday, 22 July 2019

It's Alive!

Walt: Determine whether something is alive or not

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I answer questions about things being alive or not. This is my first proper blog post for this Term, and I am sorry I only posted once, as I was away on holiday. I am back at school, however, so you should look forward to me doing normal posts. Until next time, see ya!

What I know about Science

Before we do our inquiry, this is what I think of Science. When I think of Science, I think of brainy people who are specialized in what they do. I also know that they are many different types of Science. I also think of people who spend hour after hour on their 'projects' so that they are done. I also think that Scientists get paid well. Those are the main things I know about Science 

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Rotorua Day One

Last Friday, me and my rugby team went to Rotorua for a rugby tournament. The first thing we did was go down to Marist Rugby Club at 11:00 AM. Then, when we got there, we had to pack all of our stuff in the back of one of the vans taking us to Rotorua. After everyone got there, we split everyone up in half, which meant that half of us went in the van, and half of us went in one of the managers, Hine's, car. After about 20 Minutes, we all left to go to Rotorua.

While we were going there, I was in Hine's car, along with my fellow teammates Leon, Maddison, Kenneth, Siakupega (or Pega for short), and Troy. Before we went on the Motorway, we stopped at a gas station, where Hine got gas, and Leon bought some food and drink's to share on our journey. Then it was time for our long ride. The ride itself lasted about 5 Hours, including all the breaks, where in that time, we talked, laughed, slept, and listened to music. It was awesome! After we finally got to our Holiday Park, I looked around, and saw how wonderful it was. There were lots of plants, dinosaur statues, a big room which was two stories high and was where we were sleeping, and the coolest thing there was the heated inside pool near the entrance. When we stopped, I wished it could go on for longer, but I still happily grabbed my bags, and went to the house.

When we got inside, we were told where we were sleeping, put our bags there, and sat in the living room, ready for dinner. For dinner we had pizza, which we ate happily. After we ate our food, which was about 7:00 PM, the coaches said that we all had to stand up, and say a little bit about our self's. Around in order, the players, coaches, and supporters all said a bit about them. Then the coaches told us to get ready for the pools, so we all went into our cabins, and got our togs on. After we got our togs on, we all went down to the pools.

The pool was small, but awesome. It had a slide, a spa, but the spa was useless unless you wanted to be away from other people, as the pool was so warm, there was also a area the coaches said that we could bomb and dive and push other people into the pool. First, everyone went on the slide, which was fun, then, we swam in the water for a bit. Then, after going on the slide a few more times, and playing Marco Polo, we all went to the bombing area. We all jumped in the pool at least once, and then we started pushing each other in. After being in the pool for another 15 Minutes, it was time to head, which we were all sad about.

After we got changed into our Pajamas, we all played spotlight in our room. After playing spotlight for 10 Minutes, it was time for bed. We all went into bed, and even though it took me about an hour to get to sleep because, I still had a wonderful first day...

Friday, 5 July 2019

Let America Be America Again

Walt: Identify the author's viewpoint

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog, in this task, I learn a bit about America. After reading this, I now think that America is not as wonderful as I thought.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Scratch Animation

Walt: Learn to create animations using Scratch

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my Scratch animation. In this task, I create a Scratch game that is based on my animation. At the time on when you see this, will depend on how much of this is done, as I still haven't finished it. Until next time, see ya!

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

New Fence

Walt: Explain solutions using story context and Math's term

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to this post. In this task, I answer questions about a New Fence. I hope to do harder work in the future.

Bincurity Design Project

Walt: Create usable items for Bincurity

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. This is my extension post for this term, and it was so fun. In the future, I would like to do more activities like.

Monday, 1 July 2019

What is Colonization

Colonization is a way for people to take over land and rule over people. Colonization has been going on for thousands of years, and is still going on right now. Back in the day, people use to think that Colonization was ‘normal’. That’s horrible!

When people wanted to colonize, they would send hundreds, or even thousands, of men on boats to travel to different landmarks. When they got their (using compasses and maps), they would tell other people where they had settled. Some people would give the land straight away, but many people would not. If they said no, then a battle would start over who owned the land. Depending on who had the better weapons, depended on who would win. If the British invaded, they would almost always win as they built an empire. After the battle, whoever won would take the land.

There are lots of empires, but some are way better than others. The Inca empire were an empire who took over more than 10% of South America before being defeated by France. The Mongol empire covered the most landmass in history. They cover about half of asia in their terrible reign, and killed 5% of the world’s population. The British Empire had the largest population and even now there is a commonwealth of countries that they colonized.

Different people were treated differently when they were colonised. Some people ran away from the colonisers, others fought them and stayed and could continue their own life. If they lost the fight, however, they would have to live with others ruling over them, and they might have to change like learn another language.

Back in the way, people used to think that colonization was normal. Nowaday, we realize that colonization was usually a brutal thing, and that we shouldn't try to colonize again.

Friday, 28 June 2019

The Gatherers

Walt: Draw on multiple sources of information to comprehend an event

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to this post. In this post, I do activities for the text, The Gatherers.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Food from Asia

Today, Room 4 ate Pad Thai and Kim chi. These are both Traditional dishes from Asia, and have tastes in them, Sweet, Spicy, Salty, and Sour. I am going to write what they taste, smell, feel, and look like.

Smells: Kim Chi smells like a sweet cabbage. Pad Thai smells like a big, warm, noddle.

Feels: Kim Chi feels like a soggy sponge. Pad Thai feels like a hard noddle

Looks: Kim Chi looks like a piece of onion, mixed with lots of spice. Pad Thai looks like white noddles and chicken.

Tastes: Kim Chi tastes like a sweet and spicy onion that is crunchy. Pad Thai tastes like sweet, crunchy, rice.

Image result for pad thaiImage result for kimchi

What's for Breakfast?

Walt: Explain your answer clearly for your group

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this post, I learn about breakfast. Until next time, see ya!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Fruit Kebabs

Walt: Take risks and share our math's thinking

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to this post. In this post, I answer questions about Fruit Kebabs. This was a fun task.

Perspicuous Paragraphs

Walt: Use correct paragraph structure

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. In this task, I write about using correct language when writing a sentence or paragraph. I also write my own information report about J.K Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter series.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Today, Room 4 tried Empanada's. Empanada's are a traditional dish in Argentina.

Looks: Empanada's look like golden, triangular Sausage Rolls. It also looks like a dumpling and has brown meat underneath the skin.

Smells: Empanada's also smell Smoked, Sweet and Spicy, Pizza.

Tastes: Empanadas taste meaty, sweet from the raisins and spicy from the spices. There Texture around the middle is light and squelchy, and on the outside, it is hard and crunchy.

Feels: Empanada's feel soft and lumpy. Image result for Empanada

Captain Cook

Walt: Analyse, evaluate, and synthesis information from a complex text

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and welcome to my blog. Today, I did a activity about Captain Cook, who discovered Australia and New Zealand for the British. Until next time, see ya!

Monday, 17 June 2019

My Haiku 9

Walt: Follow the structure of the story

I love to play sports
I play Rugby and Cricket

They are both awesome

Task Description
This is my 9th haiku
It is about sports
Can you please leave a comment

Caramel Slice

Walt: To have everyone participate in the small group discussion

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this task, I answer questions about Caramel Slices.

Mammon and the Archer

Walt: Use paragraph structure

Task Description
In this task, I write about Mammon and the Archer. Until next time, see ya!

Friday, 14 June 2019

Around the World

Walt: Learn about the World

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this activity, I do stuff about the World. This was an awesome activity. Until next time, see ya!

How to make Olive Oil

Olive Oil is one of the best cooking items. In this essay, I will explain how to make Olive Oil, so that you can see the wonderful wonders of Olives. Have you used Olive Oil?

The first step for making Olive Oil is obviously picking the Olives. The best way people collect Olives is by using big machines to put all the Olives in a big bag. The machines shake the olives off of the trees and they put the bags underneath to collect them. Then they ship them away to Olive Oil factories.

When they get to the factories, the first thing they do is to wash the Olives. The reason they do this is to wash the twigs off so the twigs aren’t in the Oil when it is made. This happens quickly so the Olives are fresh. Then they are put into a grinder, which grinds up all the Olives. If they are grinded too quickly, they will get too hot, which means the oil can't be used.

Next, they are put into a presser, which takes all the Oil out of the ground Olives. The rest of the Olives aren’t wasted, and are used for fertilizer or Animal Feed. When the Oil comes out of the press, the Oil is gold. When the Oil is out of the presser, the Oil goes to a centrifuge, which spins the oil to separate the water from the Oil. After this process, the Oil should be lighter.

The Oil then reaches its final stage. The Oil is first put into dark black or green bottles. The reason the bottles are black is because if the sun get onto the Oil, it will affect the quality of the Oil. Then, the bottles get labelled, put on a conveyor belt, boxed and then get sent away to shops, were people buy the Oil.

As you can see, making Olive Oil is more complicated than most people would think. Now you know how to make Olive Oil. What are your thoughts on the process?

Until next time, see ya!

Thursday, 13 June 2019


Walt: Use signposts to guide our readers

Task Description
In this task, I learn how to use digital signposts. Digital signposts are used to guide our readers to a certain belief. Until next time, see ya!

Anthony Rockwall's View on Money

Anthony Rockwall from 'Mammon and the Archer' thinks that money can buy everything. Anthony's son, Richard, doesn't think that money is everything, and Anthony is trying to convince Richard otherwise. Some of the things Anthony thinks he can buy are Love, Time, and Happiness.

In 'Mammon and the Archer', Richard talks to his father about a girl at School he likes, and Anthony tells Richard to buy time with her. He tells Richard that Money can buy time, but Richard still thinks otherwise. Later on, when Richard gets to see Miss Lantry, the girl he likes, for the last time before she goes to Europe, while they are in a cab going to the cinemas, Anthony pays some people to make traffic so that his son and the girl like each other. While Richard picks up a ring he dropped outside accidentally, the cars come in and make traffic. While they make traffic, Miss Lantry and Richard get to talk to each other.

Later on, at about 11:00 PM, Ellen, who is Anthony's sister, tells Anthony that Richard is getting Married. Next day, a woman named Kelly comes over and asks for the money he spent to make the traffic. After she gets the money, she goes to leave, but before she leaves, Anthony asks if she saw a naked boy carrying arrows. He was, of course referencing Cupid.

Overall, I think that Money can't get everything, and bad things can happen to people who love money to much. I also like Richard more than Anthony, because he is not like his Dad

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

What is School?

What is School?

School is a place where children get an Education. In NZ, when people are from age 5 to 10, they go to Primary School. When they turn 11 to 13, they go to Intermediate School. Depending on what Job you want or how hard your Job is depends on the amount of Years you go to College for. The Average person ranges from 4-6 Years, while professional people spend 7-8 Years. Then you can choose if you go to University. 

What do Kids learn?

The main topics that kids focus on are Reading, Writing, and Maths. Sometimes, we also do Cybersmart and Inquiry. For Writing, kids write about a story or a question, just like I'm doing now. Some people (like me) like to write their own stories about whatever they want, which means they choose to do extra work without being asked. For reading, kids read a text, talk about it, and then answer it. It’s pretty simple. For maths, we get a question and have to solve it using our brain. After we answer the question, we need to explain our thinking.

Physical Education

For our School at least, we do lots of Physical activities. On of the main activities that all the kids do, unless they are not in class for some reason, is Kiwisport. Kiwisport is an activity that we do with some Professionals, where we do a particular sport. Depending on what sport we are doing, depends on the coaches. For example, if we are doing cricket, we will have coaches from a good cricket club. We do Kiwisport for an hour, and there are different times for different classes. We also do Cross Country, where we have to run around the chosen course. And we go outside all day for one day, and do Physical activities (It’s called athletics day).


Friendships are one of the most important parts of School. If people didn’t have friends at School, then the day would mostly be getting to School, working, have a break and eat some food, more work, more breaks, more work, then you go home. That’s pretty boring! People get friends just by talking to people and being in the same class as people. If you get friends at school, you will most likely go to the same Intermediate, College, and University. You also might lose some friends and gain some new ones. This might be hard for people, but it means that people are moving on.

From Reading to Friends, this is some of the things that people do at School. School is awesome in my Opinion. Until next time, see ya!


Today, the Extension group did Orienteering. Orienteering is like using a compass to get to different places. While we were at Extension, Mr Jacobsen came in and talked to us and taught us how to use a compass properly, then we all went outside to get ready for Orienteering.

When we got outside, we went onto the field, and waited for Mr Jacobsen to snd us to our right mark. I first went to room 28. I then went around to the different marks, while I was doing my seventh one, I realised I did a mistake, so I had to retrace my steps. I kept on tracking down the different marks for about more 10 minutes, until Mr J called us in. After he called us in, we took some photos, and came back to where I am right now.

Overall, I think that Orienteering is a really fun sport, and I would like to do it more. I would also love to use compasses more. I hope you enjoyed this, and until next time, see ya!
Image result for compass

Monday, 10 June 2019



Oceania is a continent which includes Australasia, Polynesia, and a few other main big landmark. There are only 14 countries in Oceania, however, there are thousands of islands. The Population is 40 Million.


Fiji is one of the thousands of islands. It has 300 Islands which are all part of the country. The population for Fiji is 900,000. Fiji was settled in by Austronesian People around 3500 BC. The Capital of Fiji is Suva. Fiji is has some of the best foods in the world, thanks to the Indians, and Chinese people.

Food War 5: No Chance

Apolo awoke with a start. From what he could hear, someone was shouting his name. He opened his eyes. “Hey, Apple, Apple!”. A Broccoli was shouting a him.”W-what” Muttered Apolo, who at the moment, was trapped, along with all the other fruits……. Except Airin. He wondered, for a second, were Airin could be. Perhaps, he really was dead, but he didn’t think that was true. Or did he? He didn’t have much more time to think about it, before a guard released him from his chains. He fell to the ground, and was shocked. Was this some sort of way to betray Cortus, who was their leader? After he got up, ready to run for it, he felt someone grab him, and put handcuffs on him. His excitement, turned swiftly to disappointment. Of course, this wasn’t a betrayal, they were just moving everyone to another position. Now tired and disappointed, he followed the guard slowly, of the table, and into the unknown……..

Airin, who was the only fruit who was not caught by Cortus, was sitting in a waiting room. He could not help feeling like the whole world depended on him to survive. Of course, he didn’t know his friends had been caught. But he just had the feeling that they were suffering badly. That is what caused him to feel so sick recently. He had been in that room for a week, and he felt like he would throw up every time he moved. At that very moment. Airin heard a door open, and saw two lollipops come in. “Come on fruit, your going to start your fight in two days. Carton says you need to train up so you can fight his chosen champions” One of them said. So, slowly and Miserably, he followed the guards to a room.

When Apolo and the other fruits finally stopped, Apolo opened his Eyes. In front of him, there was a huge stage, with what looked like the whole army of vegetables. Apolo didn’t know what would happen to him, until he looked down. In the middle of the stage, there was a big wheel, with chains at each end of the wheel. He thought he knew what it was. But he didn’t tell anyone in case anyone passed out. Apolo thought it was a torture wheel. He wished desperately that Airin was still out there, but even if he was, there was almost no hope….

Airin had sat on the floor for the last 5 minutes, and had said nothing. He sat there, thinking how he could win this, until something distracted him from that thought. “Oy, hey there, excuse me, fruit”. Airin looked up, and saw someone. From what Airin saw, the figure looked like a big rock. “What are you!?” Said Airin, but instantly thought he sounded rude. “Oh, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Drig, and these are my friends Xas, Findal, Grobper, Andav, and Quanc, and..” “Nice to meet you Drig and your friends, but what are you?” Said Airin. “Oh, well, i’m a rock obviously” Airin was puzzled. “How can you be a rock? I thought only food can be alive.” “Oh well, I have food stuck inside me, so, it just joined arms to me, and that is how I came to be”. “How did you get captured?” Asked Airin. “Well, when I woke up, I went inside, and I met these guys and another guy, and we decided to be friends. While we were travelling, these idiots captured us. The other guy Gorge tried to fight them and was slaughtered, so we let them take us, and we’ve been here since then. Wait, who are you, and what are you doing here?” Airin paused, and then said “Oh, sorry, my name is Airin, and I got captured by the vegetables trying to help the fruits and beat the vegetables, and I was on a secret mission. I was with 3 others, but they died, so now I have to fight this champion so I can escape and defeat the vegetables. I also need some training.” Well why didn’t you just ask us?” Said Drig. “Well, I, I….”. Airin didn’t know what to say. “Alright, fine, but you have to try hard, ok?” “Sure. Plus, how hard could it be?”.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Examination Day

Walt: Identify and evaluate the Author's purpose for writing

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this post, I read and answer questions about Examination Day. Examination day is about a boy called Richard who has to take a test to see how smart he is. Read on to learn more.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Fish Tank

Walt: Have everyone contribute to the small group discussion

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this post, I answer questions about a Fish Tank. This was a fun activity, and I want to do more of this in the future.


Italy is a country in Europe. It has 51 different islands, and the official languages in Italy are Italian and Catalan. Italy was home to Palaeolithic, which were the ancient humans, for about 800’000 years, and was home to modern humans for 40’000 years. The current Population in Italy is about 60 Million people.


Food is an amazing part of Italy. Italy has the best foods in the world. Italy created food we eat everyday. Some of these foods include Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, and Pizza. There best Pizza is the Neapolitan Pizza. Italians love cuisines. One of the reasons they love it so much is because there cuisines are the best in the world. Some common foods to eat in Italy are Soup and Rice.


Italy has good climate. When it is summer, the weather is mostly dry and hot. And when it is winter, it is cold and icy. Sometimes, it is so cold in winter that people can’t go outside. In winter, there is lots of snow on the big mountains. The best time to visit Italy in the Spring is April and June, and in the fall it is September and October.


Wildlife is truly fascinating in Italy. In the sea, there are many different animals. On of the most dangerous animals in the waters of Italy are the Great White Shark. But there are also Dolphins, Jellyfish, Seals, and Amazingly, Flamingos! But the land animals are more fascinating. There are great Foxes, Wolfs, Wolverines, and Big Brown Bears! But there are also other cool animals. There are Lynxes, which are like big wild cats, Rabbits, Big Deers, Boars, and Big Goats. There are lots of other animals, but if I tried to cover them all, I could make a book!

Out of all the amazing places in the world, Italy has got to be one of the most popular, and amazing places. From making Pizzas, to big Wolfs, there are so many things that make Italy shine. I really wish I could go to Italy.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and today, I learnt about North America. We had to choose a country in North America, and I choose Mexico. A few facts I found out include that Mexico's real name is the United Mexican State, and that Mexico is the 11th most Popular country in the world.

Friday, 31 May 2019

My Haiku 8

Walt: Follow the structure of the story

I love to go School
I go to Pt England School

I like to do Math's

Task Description
This is my eighth haiku
This one is about school
Hope you enjoy

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Pig Book Review

Walt: Identify and understand the authors choices

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this task I create a book review about the book Pig. This does not include spoilers. I hope you find this informative, and until next time, see ya!

Monday, 27 May 2019


Walt: Identify and evaluate the author's purpose for writing

Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and in this task I read the text Pig. It is about the life of a boy called Lexington, and how he is brought up by his Aunt, and how he is one of the best cooks around.

Thursday, 23 May 2019


Task Description
Hi, my name is Caleb, and this term we have been learning about locations. This week, we had to write about a country in Europe, and I choose Sweden. The fact I found out the most shocking was that the vikings lived there for 3'000 years. I also didn't know how beautiful Sweden was.