Wednesday, 10 August 2016


The Greeks were exhausted as the battle came to the end. After the Greeks won against the Persian army Pheidippides was sent to send a message to the People of Athens saying they won against the Persian army. Before Pheidippides left his General wished Phidippides good luck then Pheidippides ran off like a cheetah.

Never giving up Pheidippides ran taking no water. Pheidippides went over rocky mountain that were very high and very steep. After 9 hours of running Pheidippides saw Athens off in the distance, he gasped and ran towards it.

Arriving at Athens Pheidippides told the people the message.  “Joy! we won!” shouted Pheidippides as he died. Now every time they run they will remembers Pheidippides by calling the race the Marathon.


  1. it is a vere good Droing but you cod ad some more detas

  2. Wow, I didn't know that the Olympics was over two and a half years old.
    I wonder what else you are gone put on your blog, I can't wait.

  3. That's really cool Caleb have you thought of doing a swimming one.

    by Lochlan room 12

  4. wow you are a good drawer
    it would be cool if you put a video on
    we do drawing like yous
    by juvil room 12