Friday, 31 March 2017

Sentence type task

Yesterday my class did Sentence typing. My class had to do 3 types of sentences, simple, compound, and complex sentence. A simple sentence is a sentence that has a verb and a subject. A complex sentence is a sentence that has two simple sentences made into one compound sentence. A complex sentence is a sentence that have two different sentences made together.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Year 5/6 camp

Last week on wednesday year 5 and 6s went on camp.When we got to camp we all went to the hall and praid that it would be a good day. After the prai Mr somerville said that we were not at school anymore we were at camp and that we would have to be very very good.After Mr somerville said that we could go my group went to our group teacher Mrs va’afusuaga and we went and practice our dance.Practicing our dance was fun but the funnest activity i did was the killer zone. The killer zone is a game where you have to get from your base safely across to the enemy's base. First of we had to cross a sea of sharks by getting big pieces of cardboard and place them down in front of you so you can get to the safe area.

When we started we put down all 4 off the pieces in front of us then we jump on them hopping not to fall of. Sadly one person fell of but the rest of us made it, then we got the bombs and started throwing them at each other, someone threw a bomb at my eye and it really hurt. Once all the bombs were thrown we hopped on some things that could get 5 people on and could get us past another sea of sharks, finally we got everyone which meant that we could go over the mountain.When we got over the mountain we got out a ball and put it in the catapult and hit a matt and tried to get 10 points. While we were trying to get 10 points the other team was on the second parts so we really had to catch up. Finally we got 10 points but by the time we had 5 points for the second part they had almost finished and when we did finish they already were waiting for us` some people from each team stood up and said some things about the game.Another thing that was cool was kayaking because i got to crash into other kayaks and be further than i have ever been at our school. Thank you all you helpers to give me the opportunity to be with my friend and meet new friends. I am really looking forward to next year.