Thursday, 7 July 2016


Along time ago there lived a taniwha that at night ate anyone that was sailing their boat. At that time there was a boy named Tamarereti who had a very rumbling belly. He decided he would go out in Lake Taupo at night to catch some fish for his belly.

When he was out he caught 3 fish and then fell asleep in his waka. When he woke up in his waka he realized he was on the other side of Lake Taupo. He went on the grass and started to cook his fish.

While he was cooking his fish he realized some glistening pebbles on the beach. He got as many glistening pebbles as he could and put them in his waka and drifted away. While he was drift home in his waka he decided to throw the pebbles in the sky and kept drifting home in his waka.

When He got home he fell fast asleep. When he woke up he saw Ranginui looking at him and thought he was in trouble. Ranginui actually said thank you for put light in the sky it keeps the taniwha away from the sailors at night.

Ranginui said i will put your waka in the sky so the people will remember you.


  1. That is a awesome story,i liked how you made that story up. Maybe you should add more detail to that story.

  2. Did you make that story up,that is such a awesome story,
    maybe you should add some more detail.
    from Jisu