Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Food War Part 4: Hope

Slowly, Airin crawled and crawled. After walking for miles and miles, he stopped at the leg of a table to rest. “Oh boy, I really hope Apolo and the others are ok” Said Airin with a yawn. “They’ve probably defeated all the Vegetables and are probably coming out here to get me. I should get some sleep and in the morning i’ll probably be back home”. Then Airin fell asleep.

“I need four strong warriors who are willing to help me to try and kill the Vegetables and Fruit, even if you might die” Said Carton. “I will” Said the big gummy bear. “And me to” Said a kit kat bar “Me to” Said a Lollipop “Count me in” Said a Chocolate donut. “Good, now let's begin our attack, Gummy Bear, protect the rest of them. Come on guy’s” Said Carton.

After travelling for hours and hours, Carton thought he found someone. “Come on guys, I think I see someone” Said Carton as he and the rest of them slowly walked towards the thing that they saw. When they got close, they saw that the creature was actually Airin. “Get him” Said Carton in a strict voice. The others then grabbed Airin and brought him back to their base.
“Cortus, please, whatever you do, don’t hurt or kill my people” Said Apolo. “Apolo, I think that's how you say it, do you think that it is ok for you to kill my people, but me not be able to kill your people. Plus, you can’t do anything because you are locked up. Anyway, back to the killing, you see this Pineapple, dead” Said Cortus as he killed the Pineapple. “You see this fruit, dead”. Cortus kept on doing that until 10 fruits were dead. “Now, if you will excuse me Apolo, I have some business to make with the Cotton Candy, half of you, come with me and the rest of you stay here and stand guard over them. Have fun Apolo”.
As Airin woke up, he saw he was in some big grassy field, with these seats on the side that the Cotton Candy were on, and, right in front of him, was Carton. “Carton, w-where am I, and, and why am I trapped in iron bars?” Said Airin. “Because you are with the fruit, and you and the rest of you, almost killed me, so, you will tell me where your people are, or you will die” Said Carton. “I’ll never tell you where my are” Said Airin in a sort of calm voice. “Fine then, you will die” Said Carton. Carton Lifted up the big axe he had in hands, raised it high in the air, and brought it down…… “Wait” Said Airin just before the axe killed him. “Wait what?” Asked Carton. “Who do you hate more, the fruits, or the vegetables?” Asked Airin. “I hate the fruits because they attacked me and tried to defend the vegetables after they killed my friend”. There was a long pause. “But I hate the vegetables more, why?” “Because you want revenge, right?” “Yeah” Said Carton. “Well, if you, me, my family, and your family join forces, we can defeat those stupid vegetables once and for all” Said Airin. There was a very long pause while Carton thought about what Airin had just said. “I will help you” Said Carton, finally. “Yes” Said Airin. “But” Said Carton. “But what”. “But I will only help you if you defeat all my most strongest people” Said Carton. After a long sigh, Airin said “I accept your challenge”. “Fine then” Said Carton. “Let the battle begin”.

Gold Decimal Problems 2

Walt: use add/sub strategies to solve tricky problems

Task Description
In this task, I do exactly what I do in the other gold task

Monday, 29 October 2018

Silver Decimal Problems 2

Walt: use add/sub strategies to solve tricky problems

Task Description
In this activity I answer the same questions as the other silver one, except a few of the answers are different. This is easier than the other silver one, but out of all of them (Bronze, Silver, Gold), this has got to be the hardest.

Bronze Decimal Place Value 2

Walt: use add/sub strategies to solve tricky problems

Task Description
This task is pretty much the same as the last Bronze Place Value except a few of the questions are different. I found it really easy!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing

Have you ever been blindfolded and had to be navigated around by someone, not knowing where you are? Room 7 went out and had the time of their lives. Read on to learn about the adventure that we went on.

We started off by getting our shoes on and lining up outside. After about three minutes, our teacher (Mr Goodwin) came and we headed off to our school playground. After we got there, Mr Goodwin told us that we were going to be blindfolded, and then told us to get into a buddy and then sit down. My buddy was Loseti. After that, Mr Goodwin told us the instructions. The instructions were that one of us had to be blindfolded, and the other person had to guide them around the playground, but you couldn’t make them walk into things. After that, we were ready. I was really nervous.

Me and Loseti both decided that I should be blindfolded first, so when Mr Goodwin said go, I put the blindfold and headed towards the park, being navigated by Loseti. At first, I didn’t trust Loseti, but then I remembered Mr Goodwin's instructions, and so I trusted him. At first, I didn’t know where I was going, but after feeling some of the objects, and thinking of the park, I was able to sort of figure out some of the places I went to. At first it felt like he was just running around and around the park, but then he made me climb something, which made me know that I was on one of the climbing obstacles. After going round the park, climbing up and down some obstacles a bit more, it was time to swap over.
After Loseti got the blindfold on, I made him run around the park, just like I thought he did to me. That took about one minute of our time. Next, I made him climb one of the climbing obstacles, and he almost fell down. I then made him climb up and down the other climbing obstacle. I made him climb across the monkey bars, walk around a bit, and then Mr Goodwin told us it was time up.
When Mr Goodwin first told us that we were playing with blindfolds, I became more nervous than when I climbed up the sky tower. But, after actually doing the experience, I wasn’t scared anymore. I think that this was a really fun experience and definitely recommend it too others.
Task Description
Yesterday, me and my class did an exciting activity. We went to the park and did a fun game, and then came back and had to do a recount on it. Read the story to learn more.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Pioneer Photographs

Walt: look for information in the text

Agree / Disagree
Agree/ Disagree
Explanation and Evidence
Alfred Burton is a famous photographer from New Zealand.
“Alfred Burton came to New Zealand from England.”
Alfred likened his photography skills to that of a Hunter.
“Burt thought of himself as a hunter, going into wild places.”
Alfred used to keep the film in his back pocket while taking photos.
“Photographs were not taken on small roles of film, but on big sheets of glass, called “Plates”.”
In some areas Alfred needed to ride a horse, or even carry his equipment on his back.
“Sometimes he travelled with a dark van, specially built for him by a coach builder in dunedin. Sometimes he rode a horse, with his equipment loaded on a packhorse. When the tracks were not good enough for horses, he had to carry everything on his back, in a special pack.”
Alfred would usually go away on expeditions taking about 3 months.
“On a expedition lasting three weeks, and allowing only twenty photographs a day, the photographer would need to carry 420 sheets of glass.”
Crossing rivers was a tricky thing for Alfred to do with all his equipment.
“On one of his earliest trips, he was crossing a river, with a packhorse carrying his photographs and equipment. The horse stumbled in the swirling water, and when alfred got to the other side, he found that all his processed photographs were wet.”

Answer here. Use evidence from the text.
Explain why you think Alfred wanted to take photos of New Zealand scenery.
“He soon became excited by the beauty of New Zealand’s mountains and lakes and bush and rivers. He wanted to take photographs of them for everyone to see.”
Do you think this would have been a frustrating job?
“It was very hard for a photographer to travel around with his camera in those days.”

How much easier is for photographers nowadays and why?
Please explain what you mean.
The reason it is easier nowadays is because all you have to do is get out your camera, click a button, and you have a picture. Back then you had to get your camera, put a hole lot of stuff on the camera, then have to carry the pictures around without them getting wet.

Task Description
In this task I answer questions to the story Pioneer Photographs.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

2018 Term 4 about this term

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing

The holidays have ended, and term 4 has begun. This terms topic is called Te wa toi, and that means doing art, crafting, and other stuff like that. Read on to learn what’s on this term, my goals, and more.

This term is really exciting because there are plenty of things on this term. I love doing lots, especially since some of the activity are athletics. Some of the things that are on this term that i’m excited for include The Manaiakalani Film Festival, Athletics day, and Prize Giving, and those aren’t even half the things we’re doing.

There are two goals that I really want to achieve this term. One of those goals is to be presenter for either my extension film festival movie, or my class film festival movie. My other goal is to be a leader at Year 6 camp.

This term I am hoping to learn about different ways to draw pictures and color things in. I also want to learn how to sketch. Another thing I want to learn about how to draw japanese art. I also want to learn about what life was like 200 or more years ago. The thing I want to learn most about is famous artists and know why they are so famous. The other thing I want to learn is to learn about pacific artifacts and items.

I am super excited for this term. There is a lot on this term including The Manaiakalani film festival and Prize giving, I have two goals that I am sure might happen, and I want to learn about how to do Japanese art. Overall I am really excited to blog post about all the things that we will be doing this term.

Task Description
In this task I write about what is on this term, my goals, and more.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Gold Decimal Problems

Walt: use add/sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems

Task Description
In this activity I solve the gold question this week. It wasn't tricky and I think the silver was harder because we had to insert a photo from your book.

Silver Decimal Problems

Walt: use add/sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems

Task Description
In this activity I answer questions to do with Decimals. This was pretty easy but the gold will be even harder.

Bronze Decimal Place Value

Walt: use add/sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems

Task Description
In this task I answer questions using knowledge I already have about Decimals. We put the numbers on the right hand corner on the math's table in the middle.