Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How much water do you need to survive?

This week, me and my class have been learning about how much water we need to survive.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Leaving earth

Once there was a builder named Norris. Norris loved building because he was always building new things. He always dreamed of building something massive.

One day when Norris was building, one of the builders shouted “incoming?Everybody looked up and saw a bomb come from above. Everybody jumped out the way just in time but the house got destroyed.

Everybody was running around screaming. Suddenly thousands of soldier came and destroyed everything. Norris hid behind a rock and waited there.

Suddenly a man came with a black suit and a rocket launcher came and said “i am Levi but you will call me boss”. A soldier came around the rock that Norris was hiding behind and aimed his gun at norris. Norris got out the way and knocked out the soldier

Then Norris came out wearing the soldiers armour and said “i have dealt with a hiding citizen boss”.“You sound a bit weird soldier” said Levi. “Are you ok”.

“Yes i am perfectly ok” said Norris. “Let me look behind that rock” said levi. “No” said Norris.

Levi punched Norris in the face and walked towards the rock. Norris ran towards one off the Helicopters and hoped in. Norris sat on the pilot's seat and took off.

He aimed the gun’s at the soldiers and started shooting. He shot a few soldiers and then found the rocket button. He pressed it and a bunch of rockets came out and blew up a lot off the soldiers.

“Shoot him” said Levi. The soldiers aimed their guns at the helicopter and started shooting. Norris saw Levi and shot him.

Levi fell over and grabbed his walkie talkie slowly. “We need reinforcements quickly” said Levi. 5 other ships came and started shooting Norris’s ship.

Norris pressed the rocket button again and shot one of the ships. It started falling in Levi’s direction. “Ah!” said Levi as the ship came and hit him.

There was a massive explosion and lots of pieces of the ship flew up in the air. One of the pieces hit Norris’s ship and it came falling to the ground. Norris found a parachute and put it on.

He jumped out just in time. Other pieces of the ship came and hit the ships. Norris wasn’t far from a Airport so he ran towards it.

When he got there he stole a astronaut suit, quickly got into a spaceship and then blasted off into space. “I sure am a good pilot” said Norris as he floated about in the spaceship.“Hey what are you doing in here” said a voice.

Norris turned around and saw another Astronaut. Norris punched the Astronaut and then looked out the window. He saw a planet with stripes on it.

The rocket crashed into the planet and Norris jumped out. “I can do super jumps” said Norris. As Norris jumped around the planet, he spotted a weird creature.

The creature chased after Norris and caught him. The creature tried to pulled him into a hole. While the creature tried to pull him into the hole, Norris looked at earth said “i sure miss my old home”.

Finally the creature pulled Norris into the hole. In the hole there was so much food and water. “I think i will call this planet Querzeck” said Norris.