Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Reading with teachers

On monday my class and the year threes went to the hall. We were going to read with teachers. My group pav 3 first went to read with Ms Nua.

She read Why do dogs sniff bottoms about why they sniff not just other dogs bottoms but peoples bottom as well. This book gives you questions like “how do the dogs know what there own bottom smells like? Do dogs sniff bottom in real life to find their own bottom?

Next we went to the headmaster of our school Mr Burt. He read us My hippopotamus a story about a girl who has a imaginary friend that's a hippo. The hippo can do anything he wants and eats cake.

The third teacher we saw was Ms Clark. She read to us The sneetches. The sneetches are Creatures that have half of them with no Stars and the other half of them with star and the ones with stars always say that they're the best until one day a monkey came and switched all of their stars on and off until all of their money was spent up.

The fourth teacher we saw was Ms Garden who read us Edward the emu. The story is about a emu who has heard all the crowd say that other animals are the best and not the emu. Every time he hears the crowd say that another animal is the best he jumps out of the cage and goes to that cage.

After we had been to all 5 teachers we went back to class ready for a good day. I love reading with teacher!