Friday, 21 April 2017

Holiday park part 1

On Sunday me and my family went to Whangateau holiday park which is north of Auckland. When we got there at 2.00 p.m, we put all our things in our cabin and then me and my brother went to play. After a while, me and my brother had met some kids and played on the new trampoline and played with nerf guns.
Then me and my brother had to go to bed.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Te oro

Yesterday me and some of my friends went to Te oro. When we got to Te oro we looked at other schools work including, tamaki primary, our school pt England and many more. After we looked at all the schools work we saw our schools kapa haka group perform. After they finished we headed back to school to have a fun day.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Letter to Mr Burt

Dear Mr Burt,
I have read a bit about the harakeke and I really like what is does. I have heard that Maui a maori legend was the person who name this plant harakeke.

Harakeke is a big help to the world. Harakeke also known as flax can help animals such as Flax snails a rare snail that live only live on the far north. Flax can help Flax snails by making shelter for the Flax snails.

Flax can also be a big help to Tui, bellbirds/korimako, saddlebacks/ tieke, short tailed bats/pekapeka, geckos and several types of insects by letting them eat the nectar from the flax flower. If we get flax it will bring so much more happiness to Pt england by making kid be happy seeing all the animals that flax attracts, taking pictures of the flax and putting it on there blog, and letting teachers teach their students about flax and all the animals. Please get flax Mr burt.  

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Rata and the totara tree

  • Once there was a man called Rata. Rata lived in a village in the forest. For years Rata and his village where getting hurt by a tiger. One day Rata was walking in the forest and saw a Totara tree. He went and cut down the totara tree and then cut of pieces of the totara tree. He then ran back to his village make weapons. Only ⅓ of the villagers got swords so he decided to go back to find some more trees. The next day rata went out again to find some more wood. When he was out he saw the same totara tree. He then cut the same totara tree down. When he went back to his village only ⅔ got swords. The next day Rata went to find some more trees and he saw the same totara tree! So he decided to cut the tree down a third time.Then god of the forest asked Rata why Rata was cutting down the tree. Rata said that he was cutting down the tree because he needed to make a boat and swords.
  • The god of the forest said ok and Rata cut down the totara tree, and got all of the villagers swords. Then made a boat so they could find somewhere else.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Narrative Writing

Once there was a boy called George who lived in the desert with his family. Every day they would go out in the desert to find water and food. One day George woke up and heard his family say that they did not have much food.

Later on that day George went out to find some food for his family. He got a sword and some food just in case he was going to be long. He snuck out making sure no one saw him.

Once he snuck past everyone he ran into the desert making sure no one was following him. After 30 minutes George had eaten a quarter of his food and he could not find any food or water. George got so hot that he fainted and was very hot.

When George woke up he was lying down on a bed in another village with different people. “Who are you? george asked lying in the bed. “I am charlie the man said.

“And who are you? charlie asked. “I am George and what am i doing here? George said. “We found you stranded in the desert so we brought you here to rest.

“I need food desperately George said. Charlie said that he could have a camel but no food. George said ok and took a camel then went to get some food.

George got his sword out and started cutting down the desert plants. After a while the lord of the desert came and asked George why he was cutting down the desert plants. George said that he was cutting down the plants because he needed food for his family.

The god of the desert brought him some food and then said to George “go to your home and give them this food. “It will last 3 months” said the god of the desert. “Thank you” said George as he went back to his family.

When George arrived back at his home he gave the food to his family and said “look after this food because it will last us 3 months”. From that day on George and his family never ran out of food and when they did the god of the desert brought them some food to last them another 3 months. This links to the environment because if you cut down plants you are hurting mother earth.