Thursday, 6 April 2017

Rata and the totara tree

  • Once there was a man called Rata. Rata lived in a village in the forest. For years Rata and his village where getting hurt by a tiger. One day Rata was walking in the forest and saw a Totara tree. He went and cut down the totara tree and then cut of pieces of the totara tree. He then ran back to his village make weapons. Only ⅓ of the villagers got swords so he decided to go back to find some more trees. The next day rata went out again to find some more wood. When he was out he saw the same totara tree. He then cut the same totara tree down. When he went back to his village only ⅔ got swords. The next day Rata went to find some more trees and he saw the same totara tree! So he decided to cut the tree down a third time.Then god of the forest asked Rata why Rata was cutting down the tree. Rata said that he was cutting down the tree because he needed to make a boat and swords.
  • The god of the forest said ok and Rata cut down the totara tree, and got all of the villagers swords. Then made a boat so they could find somewhere else.

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