Thursday, 26 July 2018

Immersion assembly Term 3 2018

Today was the first day of term three! We all went to our assembly and saw a lot of cool movies and act’s, which were created by all the teachers. Have your school ever had an Immersion Assembly?

The school theme is move ya’ body. I think that move ya’ body means we have to do lots of dancing and exercising, with our teachers. I also think that we are going to be doing lots of running and fitness, so we can be good at cross country which might be at the end of this term. I feel like both these ideas but together make we think that the teachers are trying to make me fit, and all the others so we can be better at being fit!

Team four’s topic is about having fun while being active. For example (creating an active game that you have to move around a lot, but is still fun). I think that the movie was meant to show us what they did wrong so we can do things right. The spoon hockey for example may have being exciting but it isn’t active, which means it doesn’t help you.

I want to learn about what to do to get better at being fit. It will help me a lot with my rugby, and I will be faster or as fast as my rugby friends. I also want to learn a bit more about my health, because i’m not sure all the stuff I eat is good for me. I also want to learn about health because I think it will be more fun and help me heaps!

I think that this term’s theme overall is going to be absolutely amazing. I love dancing a lot and I love running as well, because I need to get better and I also just love running in general. I am most excited about our team 4 game that we will be making later in the term, and I fell like this term is going to be the best one this year!

A thousand seconds

Walt: build a stronger knowledge around time

Task description
In this activity I answer questions about 1000 seconds

Mini Minutes

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description
In this activity I answer a few questions to do with time

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Healthy Lifestyle

Walt: find relevant information in the text

Task Description
This term our theme is move ya' body. That either means we need to dance more or we need to be fit. It also means that we need to be healthy. So in this activity I answer questions about why I think (and know) why they are having a healthy lifestyle.

Monday, 23 July 2018

What's the time?

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task description
In this activity I answer questions about time

Friday, 6 July 2018

Goodbye Mrs Buchanan

Dear Mrs Buchanan

I am going to miss you a lot and I hope you have a good time wherever you go. You have had a great impact on my life at school starting as my year 5 teacher to my camp teacher in year 6.

I will miss you heaps and until I see you next......

Goodbye Mrs Buchanan!!!!

Goodbye Miss Szymanik

Dear Miss Szymanik

I am going to miss you so so much. You have made this year a great one and one I wont forget. You always have an amazing attitude and I hope that you have a good journey wherever you go.

So until I see you again....

Bye Miss Szymanik

Goodbye fans Term 2 2018

Dear Fan's

If your reading this then you should see on the title that i'm taking a little break of school. When I return I hope that your still with me and will always be with me.

I might post things on my blog in my holiday. But until then.......


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Extension 2018 term 2 reflection

In this activity, I do a reflection on what I have been up to with extension this term.

Forces of flight animation

Hello and welcome to my forces of flight animation. In this, I explain all the forces of flight and what they do. I hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Time Vandal First page

My didn't even have time to scream the to me at the end of history and Through her heard backher at Blacktown One had half a bag over her before she started laughing at me look into the eyes of land in front of her and their bald bulky thug he's trying to get back over her head  green Mouse Kingdom in the middle of the forehead and then at the game 3 she stumble back looking stunning future man who is holding her from the group I know she helps you for backwards and wrapped around one of his legs and kicked it out again so I don't get hurt again How to make a this man was going to do stuff at all but not good enough to look at her for and put it down hard braking fishing with her at the same I'm at you through her head back and felt the crack of hitting his Really confusing what I said compared to what it says I didn't even have enough time to scream at me to to the moon at the end of history and Kilda at Blacktown.

Mai didn’t even have time to scream. The two men grabbed her at the end of her street and threw her into the black van. One had half-shoved a gag over her mouth before she started lashing out She looked into the eyes of the man in front of her, a near-bald bulky thug who was trying to get a sack over her head. She kicked him in the middle of the forehead, and then spat the gag free He stumbled back, looking stunned. The man who was holding her from behind gripped her tighter. She hooked her foot back and wrapped it around one of his legs and kicked out again. He tipped sideways, hitting his head against the side of the van. But he didn’t let go. This man was good at his job, she thought. But not good enough. She lifted her foot and brought it down hard, raking his shin with her heel. At the same moment she threw her head back and felt the crack of it hitting his jaw.

Task Description
What I did here was I read what the first page said with voice typing but it made allot of mistakes. The second one is what the page actually said, quite a differents, right?