Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Cyberstart song Musical Madness

Things to include in our songs
  1. Know auto clicks and no clicking ads because of spams and things like that
  2. We shouldn’t sign up to thing like sumo paint and kizi and stuff like that

Chorus of our song and a paragraph of it

Altogether  Being cybersmart online is important
Because you can get into all kind of trouble
That’s why it is important to
stay cybersmart
Stay cybersmart

: First of all we
should stop think and
do before we do make
any choice online

Altogether  Being cybersmart online is important
Because you can get into all kind of trouble
That’s why it is important to stay

Second we should talk about it
instead of just searching for it because
that can lead to viruses

Altogether  Being cybersmart online is important
Because you can get into all kind of trouble
That’s why it is important to stay

Know auto clicks and
no clicking ads because of spams
and things like that it can also make you
do stuff like when you're trying to exit the

screen it takes you to something inappr

My times table song

One times tables are as easy as saying blue. Let's get starting on number two.    
And 2x10=20

2 times tables was just the beginning. I’m still pumped up and i’m still singing.


And 3x10 is 30

Zctt times table song

Timetable song

Hey guys we are doing  our 4x timetable if you wanna learn from 1 to 10 if wanna try then join it come on let’s go.




finally 4x10=40

come  on guys let go once again

This is what me and my group complete a while ago.


Caleb: finally 4x10=40

Thanks for watching Bye

Monday, 11 December 2017


My favourite country I would like to visit is England. I would like to visit England because that is where my mum was born, also because I would like to meet the queen. It would also be good to see if the population in England is really 53.1 million people.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Minecraft Hour of Code

Today we did Hour of Code. There are many different activities but the one i did was Minecraft. I had to get Steve to the other side where the Item was. Me and my friend Sione worked together and Complete it and earned a certificate.

I took a screenshot of it and sent it to my teacher.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Monday, 27 November 2017

Sistema Orchestra

We have been learning about an orchestra called the Sistema Orchestra. This is some of the things we learn't about them.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Caleb Incy wincy spider

Caleb incy wincy final from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is my animation about incy wincy spider. I made this for the juniors to watch and enjoy.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Philharmonic orchestra

What I think will be at the orchestra

Today we are going to an orchestra. I thought that I would see kids using violins and drums. I thought there were going to be clowns because the clowns could make different noises from being silly. For example, a clown beeping its nose or a clown hitting the ground after falling off a ladder or something.

What was really at the orchestra

I guess I was totally wrong. There were no clowns or kids, instead of kids there were specially trained men and women who played in the 4 sections: the brass section, the woodwind section, the percussion section and the string section. Their music was very neat and beautiful. There were also acrobats who did very dangerous stunts such as going very high while sitting on a hula hoop tied to a rope.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Recount Writing

Wow I had an amazing time on the field. If you don’t know what i'm talking about then you don’t have to worry. Room 10 went outside our school gate and did some really fun activities.

My group was me, George and Mr Eze and we were a really good group. The first activity was blowing up a balloon, running to the cone, pop the balloon and then run back with the remaining bits of the broken up balloon. It may sound hard but it's not actually, well if you know how to blow up a balloon.

The first groups went up to one of the cones and wow they looked at each other with anger. “Three two one start” shouted my teacher Miss West as they blew the balloons as hard as they could. Each team quickly tying the balloons as hard as they could.

Quickly each team ran to the other cone and popped it using the grass! Then it was our teams go and Mr Eze did amazing at it. He quickly tied the balloon and ran to the grass and popped it then ran back so fast that he dropped a piece of the balloon.

The next thing we did was do the crab walk which was quite hard because you have to walk with your hands and legs where your back is. “Three two one start” shouted Miss West again as me and Toby started galloping of. We ran around the cone and Toby just beat me by a few inches and then the other group did the same thing.

Then the final challenge was putting a dry weetbix into our mouths and singing something at the same time. George did an awesome job of keeping it in his mouth because most other people spat it straight out of there mouths. Then Miss West did the same weetbix challenge against Mr Eze and Mr Eze won.

Then we went back to class.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Flight Of The Bumblebee

Today we listened to a piece of music called Flight Of The Bumblebee by Rimsky-korsakov. We then had to draw a picture to show what the music sounds like to us. When the music got louder i think it sounded like a Bee getting chased by a Bird. another word for getting louder is crescendo. When the music got even louder then it sounded like a cat chasing the Bird. Most of the kids are trying to get the apples.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Reaction question

Do you think it is a good to learn our times tables using songs Why/Why not? I think it is a good idea because if we are learning times tables then we can learn two different times tables at the same time and if we don't then your not learning a very interesting fact.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Acting at school

Today we went outside to do some acting. Before we went outside we watched a video about Mr. Bean. The video was about him playing invisible instruments without speaking.

We then went outside to start acting. When we got outside, Levonah started by doing her act. I was really excited about it because i love acting. After many people did their acts, my teacher changed the subject.

Instantly i put my hand up after my teacher Ms West said that we were going to pretend to walk a dog in the park. She chose me and i said “here puppy, here puppy”. After Ms West said freeze, instantly i stood frozen in my position.

After other people did what i did, we changed the subject again. We had to get in groups of three or four. After 30 seconds Ms West called us to sit down on the grass.

My friends Freedom and Toby’s group went up to show us there pose. There pose was them playing volley ball. Then there were other groups that came up.

One other group were dancing. Another group were chasing a criminal. Then it started raining so we went back to class.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Problem solving term 4 week 1

Immersion Assembly Term 4 2017

Today we started term 4. We went to class and then we went to assembly. We sat down and waited for Mr Burt to start assembly.

I knew assembly was starting because of the song Musical Madness. Mr Burt welcomed us back and then team 1 started their show. Their show was about all the teachers playing snap and the music controlling how fast and how slow they play.

Next, team 2 sang a song called In the jungle. Soon afterwards, team 3 did a movie about communicating by using parts of another song to say words. Then it was our team's movie where they sang songs in the car.

Finally, team 5 did a show about watching a movie with different music. Then we went back to class. I love School.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Musical madness padlet

Today we came back to school ready for term 4. We had to do this activity to show people all the words we know about music

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Space Animation Term 3 2017

Description: This is my space animation. our earth is dying. It is about 2 men who make a rocket and go on a space adventure. There rocket crashed and now they are stuck on a planet forever.

Kory 'the flight of the kiwi'

Monday, 25 September 2017

Friday, 22 September 2017


Last week on Thursday, me and my class went to Stardome. We started by getting into groups. My group's leader was my Dad and the Kids that were in my group were Harlyn, Hunter, Isaiah, Rosie, Deelani and Ana. After Ms Telea talked to us about the Stardome, we hopped onto the bus. While we were in the Bus, some people felt hot but i didn’t. When we finally got off the bus, we sat on the grass and waited for our Teachers instructions. We then sat on some chairs and listened to a man named John. I felt very excited when he said that their are some Moons that we can possibly live on. After he talked to us about Space, he told us to do a Challenge where we had to complete 7 questions in a certain amount of time. Our team got at least 5/7 or 6/7 of the questions correct. Once the time was up we went and watched a movie called Solar System Odyssey. We then went back on the bus and went to School. I love the Stardome.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Fitting a bike helmet

Fitting a bike helmet
Ingredients/ Materials/ Equipment
Methods/ Instructions
1. Check for cracks because if there are cracks then if you crash then you will get hurt.

2. Take of your accessories because if you don’t then the helmet will come of and you might crash.

3. Bend down and check if it falls forward.

4. Put the bike helmet on and check if it is too tight or too loose because if it is too tight then it is going to hurt a lot and if it is to loose then it will come off.

5. Check if you can fit 2 fingers between your helmet and your eyebrow.

6. Make a y

7. Clip it in

8. Check if you can fit 2 fingers between the clip and your chin.

Before farell flint got frozen

Hello i am doctor topps. Farrell Flint has been acting a bit weird lately and i don’t know why. I have asked him why and all he’s said was Mirth. I think it has something to do with Mirtha but i’m not sure. I think i’m going to have to call a detective in to see why Farrell Flint has been acting so weird.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How much water do you need to survive?

This week, me and my class have been learning about how much water we need to survive.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Leaving earth

Once there was a builder named Norris. Norris loved building because he was always building new things. He always dreamed of building something massive.

One day when Norris was building, one of the builders shouted “incoming?Everybody looked up and saw a bomb come from above. Everybody jumped out the way just in time but the house got destroyed.

Everybody was running around screaming. Suddenly thousands of soldier came and destroyed everything. Norris hid behind a rock and waited there.

Suddenly a man came with a black suit and a rocket launcher came and said “i am Levi but you will call me boss”. A soldier came around the rock that Norris was hiding behind and aimed his gun at norris. Norris got out the way and knocked out the soldier

Then Norris came out wearing the soldiers armour and said “i have dealt with a hiding citizen boss”.“You sound a bit weird soldier” said Levi. “Are you ok”.

“Yes i am perfectly ok” said Norris. “Let me look behind that rock” said levi. “No” said Norris.

Levi punched Norris in the face and walked towards the rock. Norris ran towards one off the Helicopters and hoped in. Norris sat on the pilot's seat and took off.

He aimed the gun’s at the soldiers and started shooting. He shot a few soldiers and then found the rocket button. He pressed it and a bunch of rockets came out and blew up a lot off the soldiers.

“Shoot him” said Levi. The soldiers aimed their guns at the helicopter and started shooting. Norris saw Levi and shot him.

Levi fell over and grabbed his walkie talkie slowly. “We need reinforcements quickly” said Levi. 5 other ships came and started shooting Norris’s ship.

Norris pressed the rocket button again and shot one of the ships. It started falling in Levi’s direction. “Ah!” said Levi as the ship came and hit him.

There was a massive explosion and lots of pieces of the ship flew up in the air. One of the pieces hit Norris’s ship and it came falling to the ground. Norris found a parachute and put it on.

He jumped out just in time. Other pieces of the ship came and hit the ships. Norris wasn’t far from a Airport so he ran towards it.

When he got there he stole a astronaut suit, quickly got into a spaceship and then blasted off into space. “I sure am a good pilot” said Norris as he floated about in the spaceship.“Hey what are you doing in here” said a voice.

Norris turned around and saw another Astronaut. Norris punched the Astronaut and then looked out the window. He saw a planet with stripes on it.

The rocket crashed into the planet and Norris jumped out. “I can do super jumps” said Norris. As Norris jumped around the planet, he spotted a weird creature.

The creature chased after Norris and caught him. The creature tried to pulled him into a hole. While the creature tried to pull him into the hole, Norris looked at earth said “i sure miss my old home”.

Finally the creature pulled Norris into the hole. In the hole there was so much food and water. “I think i will call this planet Querzeck” said Norris.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Player of the day

On Saturday, I played for my team, the Marist Jaguars, in a game against College Rifles.
Our team won 12 tries to 6 .
I scored 3 tries and won the player of the day award.
I received a trophy, a certificate and a special Milo bag.

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Matching nets

Today we learnt about nets. Not nets that catch fish but different nets. If you unfold a shape, it is called a net.

Animal Adventure's part 1: Different land

Once there was a farm. On this farm there was a bull, 2 hens, a donkey, wasps and bees, 2 sparrows and a rabbit. Every day the farmer would feed them and then take them out for a walk.

One day the farmer did not take the animals out for a walk. The animals did not know why. The next day the farmer came and feed them and took them out for a walk but while the farmer was taking them out for a walk, he sneezed.

The animals got scared and ran off while the farmer just stood there shouting ‘come back here’. While they were running a giant claw came and picked all the animals up. When the animals got to the giant ship, a strange creature was standing there looking at them.

‘I am Shquachwiathwer he said and i am the leader of the corcushze’ said the creature. The animals got locked up in a cage and the spaceship was going to blast of in 1 minute. One of the hens used its beak and unlocked the cage.

30 seconds said the timer while the animals were running. The animals tripped up while they only had 15 seconds to get out. The animals got up with only 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second, the animals jumped out just in time.

When they landed, they went splash into some water. They swam out as fast as they could. In front of them they saw a castle.

When they went inside, they saw 2 men with red tops holding a gun in there hands. The men picked the animals up and took them upstairs where they saw a lady with a dress. The lady dressed the animals up and took them to a room where they saw beds, food, and everything they could ask for.

It was getting dark so the animals decided to sleep there the night. The next day the animals woke up and looked out the window. They saw Squachwiathwer on top of the corcushze with a cage full of dangerous looking animals.

Everyone in the castle came to the room that the animals were in and also looked out the window. Squachwiathwer opened the cage and the animals charged at the castle. Everybody followed a guardsmen that came to a secret hole in the wall.

They ran through the hole and came to a secret land. There were magical creatures, giant castles and allot more. ‘Welcome to orphrexa’ said a voice.

They looked down and saw a creature with long ears and small arms and hands. Gar at your service said the creature. ‘Come with Gar to the vasbrada were our lord will speak to you’ said Gar as he walked to the giant castle with the animals, the Guards, and the Queen….

This is Squchwiathwer

Monday, 12 June 2017

Monday, 29 May 2017

What has happened to Miss West? Part 1: Battling bogers

On a very sunny day, kids from rm 10 went to school. When they got to school they did not see their teacher Miss West. No one knew what happened to Miss West until now.

When Miss West woke up, she felt a bit sick. She lay back down in her bed and tried to sleep. She couldn't get to sleep and then came a A-A-ACHOO?

She did the biggest disgusting sneeze in the world. All off a sudden she felt allot better and looked outside to see the view. She shouted in fear as she saw bogers outside in her back garden.

She opened the door to try to run away but their were boggers at the door so she jumped out off her window and ran down the street with boggers chasing her. Miss West turn around and tried to smack one of the boggers but her hand went right through it but because it was a bogger. The bogger did not get hurt and it jumped on Miss West and made her sick again so she kept running. She ran all the way to the pools and remembered what you do with boggers.

She got a towel off someone and ran along the side of the pool. The boggers all fell in the water and Miss West hid behind something so the boggers could not see her. Everyone in the pool evacuated except for Miss West and the boggers.

Miss West snuck up on the bogers and rubbed the towel all over the boggers and defeated them. She then went home to rest. OH NO Miss West screamed as she saw snails all over her house.