Thursday, 9 November 2017

Recount Writing

Wow I had an amazing time on the field. If you don’t know what i'm talking about then you don’t have to worry. Room 10 went outside our school gate and did some really fun activities.

My group was me, George and Mr Eze and we were a really good group. The first activity was blowing up a balloon, running to the cone, pop the balloon and then run back with the remaining bits of the broken up balloon. It may sound hard but it's not actually, well if you know how to blow up a balloon.

The first groups went up to one of the cones and wow they looked at each other with anger. “Three two one start” shouted my teacher Miss West as they blew the balloons as hard as they could. Each team quickly tying the balloons as hard as they could.

Quickly each team ran to the other cone and popped it using the grass! Then it was our teams go and Mr Eze did amazing at it. He quickly tied the balloon and ran to the grass and popped it then ran back so fast that he dropped a piece of the balloon.

The next thing we did was do the crab walk which was quite hard because you have to walk with your hands and legs where your back is. “Three two one start” shouted Miss West again as me and Toby started galloping of. We ran around the cone and Toby just beat me by a few inches and then the other group did the same thing.

Then the final challenge was putting a dry weetbix into our mouths and singing something at the same time. George did an awesome job of keeping it in his mouth because most other people spat it straight out of there mouths. Then Miss West did the same weetbix challenge against Mr Eze and Mr Eze won.

Then we went back to class.

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