Monday, 30 November 2015

Dance practice

Last week room 13 went to the hall for dance practice. We have dance practice for prize giving.

The song is about a very very big giant called the thriller.

Our teacher choose class by class. Our class was last. When we were on the stage we sat down. The girls stood up and did their dance for price giving they’ve been practicing.

After they did their dance they sat down silently. Then the boys stood up and did our dance for price giving. We practiced it 5 times then our teacher told us to get off the stage. When we left we stood in two lines and walked silently through the hall. I love dance practice.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Google cardboard

On Tuesday room 13 went to see the world.

We met a man called Michael and he showed us some Google cardboard. We looked thru it and saw the coolest museum ever. When I looked behind me I saw a skeleton of a t-Rex head. Then my teacher changed it to underwater. I saw divers, seals, whales, turtles, and a shark cage. Then it was the jungle and I saw a gorilla, beetles, monkeys, and trees. When it was time to go I put my Google cardboard on the bench.

It was so fun.


I feel like a superhero when I’m on the park because it has things that superheroes can do. My favourite thing is sliding on the pole because when I slide down I feel like Frozone on the Incredibles. He slides on ice and shoots ice from his hands. Also because when he gets to the ground he stops the ice and when I get to the bottom there is no more pole. He never falls of the ice and when I am on the pole I never fall off.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Museum writing

On Thursday our school went to the museum in a bus .it took a while to get there and was very loud. When we got there we went into the atrium and saw a man called josh. He told us where to go and what to do.

We got a booklet to do activity in. In the activitys there were thing like a word search and a place activity and got a cover to draw on. We got to see a real elephant and bones of dinosaurs. We held a triceratops horn and held a dinosaur egg. We had some lunch in a room near a Antarctica picture cover by glass. We went into a pretend bed room and saw a Xbox 1 controller. We also saw 1970 thing like bordes,a classroom that was empty.

It was awesome at the museum. I went into the Maori room and saw a  set of tea. I did a bit in my word search but didn't do very much. We used my bag to carry varnces and my stuff. I ate a sandwich a apple a banana a pack of Rayzins and a chocolate chip measly bar. I threw my rubbish in the bin. I climbed up the treehouse and saw a big ape.

When we left the museum I said "good bye museum." We got back on a bus to school. When we got back It was home time My favourite part was the emperor penguin.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Maths 2

In this activity we practiced measuring Differing objects. First we estimated the length and then we measured with a ruler.

Friday, 6 November 2015


The runnosaurus is a herbivore that wear a helmet. It can run as fast as a cheetah. It live in a pt England class room and can live until 279 years. They eat fish, pineapple, and bark.

It only predator is the barkosaurus. When the runnosaurus Gos to eat the bark the barkosaurus will eat it instead. It uses a helmet for not bumping into things like rocks, bark, and meat eating dinosaurs.

The baby runnosaurus can not run fast and does not have a helmet. They leave there parents when they are fast enough and grow a helmet.