Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Goodbye Fans 2018

Hey guys, thank you so much for supporting me throughout the year. You guys have all helped so much through the year. This will be my last school post for the year, however, I don't know if it will be my last post for the year, as I don't know if I will be able to post in the summer holidays.

This year, there have been some super exciting things happen through the year. One exciting thing can can still remember doing is making Pokemon cards. I made three of them, and one of the things that I remember about them is that all the kids were seeing which Pokemon was the most powerful. Another highlight was the year 5 & 6 camp, and the year 6 camp. I liked the year 6 camp better because we went to another island I had never been to and did awesome activity's. There are so many other highlights that I can't write down, however, I will put links down below for some of the cool stuff I did this year. See you next year!!!

Food War Series Episode's 1-4:
Food War
Food War 2
Food War 3
Food War 4

Cave Art Animation:

Battlefront 2 Tips and Facts:
Tips and Facts

You can look at more of the cool stuff I did on my blog, bye!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Extension term 4 Reflection 2018

Task Description
In this task I reflect what I have done this year for extension.

Thursday, 29 November 2018


Task Description
In this task, I do research on Jewellery. This is yet another extension task created all by me.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Ancient Jewellery Makers

Task Description
In this activity, me, Zaeeda, and Amira learnt about ancient jewellery and jewellery tactics. This is out groups extension research for term 4, 2018. This term's topic is Te Wai Toi, which means Art time in Maori. Hope you find this interesting!

Kawau Island Wildlife

Walt: Learn about kawau Island wildlife

Task Description
In this task I write about information I found out about kawau island animals. The reason me and my class did this is on the 20th of november 2018, we went to kawau island as a year 6 trip

Cave Art Animation

Hello my name is Caleb and this is my cave art animation. 

Long ago there lived a small tribe. One day while the tribe were siting down and talking, a giant, prehistoric rhino came and attacked their village. One of the tribe members scared the rhino of, however, the rhino killed one of there tribe members. The rest of the tribe chased the rhino until they found a bush. They decided to sit at a bush to rest. However, they didn't know that the rhino was hiding in the bush, and it jumped out and killed another member of the tribe, sending his body flying in the air. 

The huge beast chased after one of the members who was running away. The others tried to save them, however, the body of the dead tribe member came down and fell on them, severely injuring them. There was only one tribe member left, and the rhino had cornered him. With one final hope, the member threw his spear, and hit the rhino in the eye just before it got him. The animal then fell down hole, never to be seen again.

The End  

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Food War Part 4: Hope

Slowly, Airin crawled and crawled. After walking for miles and miles, he stopped at the leg of a table to rest. “Oh boy, I really hope Apolo and the others are ok” Said Airin with a yawn. “They’ve probably defeated all the Vegetables and are probably coming out here to get me. I should get some sleep and in the morning i’ll probably be back home”. Then Airin fell asleep.

“I need four strong warriors who are willing to help me to try and kill the Vegetables and Fruit, even if you might die” Said Carton. “I will” Said the big gummy bear. “And me to” Said a kit kat bar “Me to” Said a Lollipop “Count me in” Said a Chocolate donut. “Good, now let's begin our attack, Gummy Bear, protect the rest of them. Come on guy’s” Said Carton.

After travelling for hours and hours, Carton thought he found someone. “Come on guys, I think I see someone” Said Carton as he and the rest of them slowly walked towards the thing that they saw. When they got close, they saw that the creature was actually Airin. “Get him” Said Carton in a strict voice. The others then grabbed Airin and brought him back to their base.
“Cortus, please, whatever you do, don’t hurt or kill my people” Said Apolo. “Apolo, I think that's how you say it, do you think that it is ok for you to kill my people, but me not be able to kill your people. Plus, you can’t do anything because you are locked up. Anyway, back to the killing, you see this Pineapple, dead” Said Cortus as he killed the Pineapple. “You see this fruit, dead”. Cortus kept on doing that until 10 fruits were dead. “Now, if you will excuse me Apolo, I have some business to make with the Cotton Candy, half of you, come with me and the rest of you stay here and stand guard over them. Have fun Apolo”.
As Airin woke up, he saw he was in some big grassy field, with these seats on the side that the Cotton Candy were on, and, right in front of him, was Carton. “Carton, w-where am I, and, and why am I trapped in iron bars?” Said Airin. “Because you are with the fruit, and you and the rest of you, almost killed me, so, you will tell me where your people are, or you will die” Said Carton. “I’ll never tell you where my are” Said Airin in a sort of calm voice. “Fine then, you will die” Said Carton. Carton Lifted up the big axe he had in hands, raised it high in the air, and brought it down…… “Wait” Said Airin just before the axe killed him. “Wait what?” Asked Carton. “Who do you hate more, the fruits, or the vegetables?” Asked Airin. “I hate the fruits because they attacked me and tried to defend the vegetables after they killed my friend”. There was a long pause. “But I hate the vegetables more, why?” “Because you want revenge, right?” “Yeah” Said Carton. “Well, if you, me, my family, and your family join forces, we can defeat those stupid vegetables once and for all” Said Airin. There was a very long pause while Carton thought about what Airin had just said. “I will help you” Said Carton, finally. “Yes” Said Airin. “But” Said Carton. “But what”. “But I will only help you if you defeat all my most strongest people” Said Carton. After a long sigh, Airin said “I accept your challenge”. “Fine then” Said Carton. “Let the battle begin”.