Friday, 22 June 2018

Geometry Gold Medal Sandwhich's

Walt: Learning the Area and Perimeter

Task Description
In this activity I answer questions about the Perimeter

Geometry Silver Medal Sandwhich's

Walt: Learning the Area and Perimeter

Task Description
In this activity I answer questions about Perimeter

8 Bit Mario

Mario has been  around since 1985. The creator of Mario is Shingeru Miyamoto. Mario's original name was jump man but Miyamoto changes jump man's name to Mario because of his landlord, Mario.

Reviewing a game

Reviewing A Game

Research a game (play games) on, and write a review for the game and share it on your blog. You can review as many games as you like.

Name of Game: Snakeout
Link to Game: Snakeout
How do you score/ win: The way you score is by the balls hitting the blocks that your not controlling.
Difficulty: 9/10
Fun: 9/10
Description: In this game you are the white line. If the block at the front touches the other white lines or the balls, you will lose. So far I don’t know if you can get to another level because I have only got up to about score 100.

3 sentences about what the game is like and what you liked about it.
The game is sometimes fun and sometimes frustrating. This game can be really hard and annoying, but it is also fun. I think it’s fun because you can get so many points and fell so important.
2 sentences about how you would improve it.
I would make the balls stop trying to target you and make them randomly bounce in random position. I would also make the balls and the white line go way slower.
1 sentence about why you would recommend/ or not recommend this game to a friend.
I would recommend this game because it is really fun trying to dodge dangerous balls trying to destroy you.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Food War Part 2: New enemy's

Boom, the apple punched the cotton candy so hard that he went flying of the table. “You deserved that you angry bulldozer” said the Apple as the turned to look at the Carrot. “Thank you” Said the Carrot with joy in his face. “If you are a fruit, stand with me” Said the Apple as the rest of the food stood just behind him. “What are you doing Apple, I thought you were my friend” Said the Carrot shocked. “My names not Apple, it’s Apolo!” Shouted Apolo as he and the fruit charged towards the Carrot. “Charge mighty Vegetables!” Shouted the Carrot as he and the Vegetables charged towards the fruit. Both fruit and Veges charging towards each other as the candy climbed down the table trying to help the Cotton Candy. The food charged at each other with Bananas being chopped up, Oranges being Juiced and so much more food got attacked. After a while the food stopped and both teams ran to a new area. “Carrot, what are we going to do now?” Asked a Brocoli puffed out and scratched. “First of all, my name is Cortus and second of all, tell everyone i’m the leader and if anyone thinks that i’m not, eliminate them!” Shouted Cortus with an angry face.

“Sir, are you ok” Said a Apple sized Gummy bear as the Cotton Candy awoke looking very bad. “I’ve thought of a name in my sleep” Said the Cotton Candy. “And it is Carton” Said Carton with a slight grin on his face. “Well, what are we going to do?” Said the gummy Bear. “We will find a place to hide and then I will get the best men with me to go out and get rid of that stupid Apple, let’s move it” Said Carton as he got up and started walking in a random direction.

“Everyone, follow me” Said Apolo as he turned around and started climbing down the piece of rope dangling down. Everyone climbed down while the vegetables stood back and watched the fruit climb down. When everyone got down, Apolo Said “Everyone quick, go to that room over there, you’ll be safe” Said Apolo pointing towards the lounge.

After a while, Cortus and the Vegetables climbed down the table, walked towards the stairs and climbed up the stairs. After they got to the top of the stairs Cortus asked for 5 other men. Then Cortus and the 5 other men charged back down the stairs.

Carton finally found a place that he thought was nice. The place he thought was nice was the closet. “Come on guys, let’s go up there” Said Carton as he started climbing up the ladder that led to the closet.

After Apolo and the fruit climbed up on the table in the lounge, Apolo said “You guys rest while me and a few others guard you guys, ok”. The Fruit like that so over night, Apolo and a few others guarded the fruit. “I don’t know how i’m going to stop this war, I guess I will just have to see what happens” Said Apolo as he looked out into the house and smiled.

Xbox One poster

Task Description
In this activity I create a poster for the Xbox One

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Matariki Day recount

Walt: To structure a recount

Have you ever been split up into different classes? Well last friday every student from every class got put into different groups, the four groups were Cooking, Craft, Sports and Movie Making. The group I was in was craft.

Me and George where in the same group and we had to find room 18. When we got there I saw lots of people. Some of the people I saw there were Austin, who is in extension with me, Malakai who is one of my friends little brother and the other Caleb. After about 5 minutes we went in and saw Mrs Mackinlay and Mrs Wilson. I wondered what we were doing until Mrs Mackinlay told us that we were going to be doing weaving and coloring.

I was very excited and wondered what we were going to be doing first, I then went with half of the class to Mrs Wilson to do weaving. I helped Malakai with his weaving and I also did my own weaving, both of our weavings turned out great. Then we went to Mrs Mackinlay to color in paper flowers, which turned out great.

We had morning tea and lunchtime which was cool, because we got popcorn. We then cut out the paper flowers for a bit, then sadly we had to go to the hall. After we got to the hall, each group had to show what they had done. We were the first group to show everyone our work, so we got on the stage and I thought, What if they don’t like our work? But it turned out that they liked our art so I told everyone what we did and how exciting it was. Then all the other groups showed their creations and they were all very cool. After all the creations had been showed, Mr burt let us get up and go home.

I thought matariki day was awesome. We didn’t just have a day of no learning, but we also learnt about matariki and why it is important. Will you ever do Matariki? And if you do, what will you do?


Task Description 
In this activity I recount matariki day which happened last friday