Monday, 29 May 2017

What has happened to Miss West? Part 1: Battling bogers

On a very sunny day, kids from rm 10 went to school. When they got to school they did not see their teacher Miss West. No one knew what happened to Miss West until now.

When Miss West woke up, she felt a bit sick. She lay back down in her bed and tried to sleep. She couldn't get to sleep and then came a A-A-ACHOO?

She did the biggest disgusting sneeze in the world. All off a sudden she felt allot better and looked outside to see the view. She shouted in fear as she saw bogers outside in her back garden.

She opened the door to try to run away but their were boggers at the door so she jumped out off her window and ran down the street with boggers chasing her. Miss West turn around and tried to smack one of the boggers but her hand went right through it but because it was a bogger. The bogger did not get hurt and it jumped on Miss West and made her sick again so she kept running. She ran all the way to the pools and remembered what you do with boggers.

She got a towel off someone and ran along the side of the pool. The boggers all fell in the water and Miss West hid behind something so the boggers could not see her. Everyone in the pool evacuated except for Miss West and the boggers.

Miss West snuck up on the bogers and rubbed the towel all over the boggers and defeated them. She then went home to rest. OH NO Miss West screamed as she saw snails all over her house.

Problem solving term 2 week 5

Freedoms Birthday

Freedoms birthday.
So much fun with my best friends from Pt England

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Going hard

Today I played rugby for my team the Marist Jaguars. We played against Waiheke island and we won 10 tries to 4. Three players from the other team got hurt and went off crying, but our team were tough and hard.

                                               Rugby is such a hard game but I love it.

                                                                This is me going hard.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Two dimensional shapes

Identifying two dimensional shapes

dimensional shapes
In? Geometry we can have different dimensions. The number of dimensions is how many values are needed to locate points on a shape.

A point has no dimensions.
Moving the point to one direction, we get a line.  A line is one dimensional.  
Moving the point in a different direction, we get a plane. There are two values to find a point on that plane.  We have two dimensions or “2D”
Moving the point in another completely different direction, we have three dimensional.

We are learning  to identify and understand the features of  two-dimensional shapes

Two-dimensional shape is a shape that only has two dimensions (such as width and height).  They are also made with straight lines and corners or curved lines.
Polygons are 2-dimensional (2-D) shapes with straight sides. To be a regular polygon all the sides and angles must be the same.  All shapes in the box below are polygons except circle and oval.  
A circle is a shape that is made up of one continuous curved line.  This shape is two-dimensional, which means it's flat.  A triangle is a polygon with 3 sides.

Plane Shapes

Task 1: Practicing 2-dimensional shapes.  Read the shape’s description and choose the name that matches the plane shapes above.   For example: 6 sides and 6 angles is a Hexagon.



  1. 5 sides and 5 angles.
  2. One round curved edge.
  3. 4 equal sides and 4 right angles.
  4. 2 pairs of equal angles and 4 equal sides.
  5. One-egg shaped curved edge.
  6. 8 equal sides.
  7. 3 sides and 3 angles.

Square, Oval, Triangle, Octagon, Circle, Diamond, Pentagon.

Task 2:  What am I?
  1. I am a 2-D shape with 4 sides and 4 angles.
  2. I don’t have any right angles.
  3. My opposite angles are the same size.
  4. There is a picture of me on the first page.

I am a …..
Draw a picture of the shape into your maths book. Screenshot and paste here.

May 22, 2017 2:38:19 PM.jpg
today me and my class did 2 dimensional shapes

Friday, 19 May 2017

Catching coin

Wow! What an experience i had playing the catching coin challenge. Today me and some of my class did a coin challenge where you have to put the coin on your elbow and try and catch it while you hit it in the air. I started with 1 coin and then caught them which means that i could get 2.

I hit it of my elbow and it fell on the floor so picked them up and caught them both so i had 3. Then i caught all 3 and i could get 4. The more i got the harder it was because when i got 8 they all began to fall off without me moving my elbow.

After about 4 minutes later i finally caught all 8 and i could get 9. Once i got 9 it got pretty easy. Then my teacher said that we had to come back inside, i love the catching coin challenge.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Smart shoes

Today my teacher showed us a picture of a shoe. I think it either looks likes a metal detecting shoe or a exercising shoe, i think it looks like a metal detector because at the front of the shoe there is something that looks like a button but it might be the bit that detects the metal, i think it might be a exercising shoe because on the side of the shoe there is a part that is orange and i think the orange part is the part that makes you exercise. I think it is made out of rubber, cotton and metal.

I think if it is a exercising shoe then it will help people get more fit and be like usain bolt. If it is a metal detector then when you find things then you can build things. Also if you find things like cups or fishing nets you can use them either outside or inside.

When i thought it was and exercising shoe or a metal detecting shoe, i was totally wrong. It turns out that it was actually a smart shoe. Smart shoes have a automatic tightener, Smart shoes also have a smart heater which makes your feet warm, Smart shoes have lots more interesting facts about them but there is just too much.

I think it is a really good idea because it is so useful. If i saw them in a shop i would most likely buy them. I would like these fantastic shoes to be able to make these make you run fast.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Now that's thinking assembly

Now that's thinking assembly

Last week on monday we had a immersion assembly. When we got to assembly we did our karakia and then our principal Mr Burt. Then our principal showed us our movies that our teachers made in the hollidays.

The first movie we watched was team 1 which did a movie about kites. In the movie the teachers were bored so they made kites. When they made the kites there was no wind so they waited at school all day and fell asleep.

They all dreamed of there kites flying high in the sky. When they woke up there was wind. They got there kites and flew them high in the sky so everyone could see them.

There were 5 movies so i could only do 2. The 2 movie is our team's movie were our teachers talked about how things have changed over the years. I think we are learning about how things have changed why things have changed over the years.

There was allot more in the assembly but i think i will just share a bit of it with you.