Monday, 8 May 2017

Now that's thinking assembly

Now that's thinking assembly

Last week on monday we had a immersion assembly. When we got to assembly we did our karakia and then our principal Mr Burt. Then our principal showed us our movies that our teachers made in the hollidays.

The first movie we watched was team 1 which did a movie about kites. In the movie the teachers were bored so they made kites. When they made the kites there was no wind so they waited at school all day and fell asleep.

They all dreamed of there kites flying high in the sky. When they woke up there was wind. They got there kites and flew them high in the sky so everyone could see them.

There were 5 movies so i could only do 2. The 2 movie is our team's movie were our teachers talked about how things have changed over the years. I think we are learning about how things have changed why things have changed over the years.

There was allot more in the assembly but i think i will just share a bit of it with you.

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