Friday, 19 May 2017

Catching coin

Wow! What an experience i had playing the catching coin challenge. Today me and some of my class did a coin challenge where you have to put the coin on your elbow and try and catch it while you hit it in the air. I started with 1 coin and then caught them which means that i could get 2.

I hit it of my elbow and it fell on the floor so picked them up and caught them both so i had 3. Then i caught all 3 and i could get 4. The more i got the harder it was because when i got 8 they all began to fall off without me moving my elbow.

After about 4 minutes later i finally caught all 8 and i could get 9. Once i got 9 it got pretty easy. Then my teacher said that we had to come back inside, i love the catching coin challenge.

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