Friday, 19 August 2016

Journey to lettuce lagoon

This is my sketch-note i did while i was at a mysterious planet lettuce lagoon. i bought a light-saber with my 100 credit that was 50.9 credits now i have 49.1. I also bought a toy alien that cost 24.5 credits now i have 24.6. i also bought a toy spaceship that costs 10.1 now i have 14.5. I spent 86.5 and have 14.5. I hope you liked my sketch-note


  1. Cool Google drawings! and also fantastic calculations.

    Luca H.E.S

  2. Wow amazing drawings i love it

  3. I love your amazing work I was staring at it for 4 minutes.

    From Zaria At Hamilton East School

  4. Wow your art is really amazing.By Raedence hamiltoneast school.

  5. your art is amazing i love all of it you should put a video on how you draw all the pictures I wonder what you draw your pictures on. Heath room 12 hes school

  6. Wow nice drawings how did you figure out the solutions and show us a photo of the calculation
    -Rivin rm12

  7. I think that you drawing it is fantastic. I wonder if you could make a stop motion video and maybe post it on your blog. I also think that you did a fantastic job on the calculations.

    Ailish Rm 11 Hamilton east school

    Ailish Rm 11 Hamilton east school.

  8. I think your drawing is the top!! What if you put a video up?
    Ava Rm 11 HES