Monday, 31 October 2016

Sid and cowzilla

Once there was a kid named Sid. Every day at school a clan of bullies called the blood bullies use to throw stuff at sid and say “hi sid the dirty squid”. One day at school Sid was walking to class when the blood bullies started shouting “hi sid the dirty squid”.

Sid got so angry at the blood bullies he punched one of the bullies in the head knocking him out making the other bullies running away. Sid carried on his walk to class and when everyone saw Sid they all started chasing Sid terrifying Sid and making Sid run out of school running home and shutting the door behind him. When his mother saw Sid she said “what are you doing home so early sweety”.

“Sorry mum everyone was chasing me” said Sid while he was running upstairs to his room. When he got upstairs he thought of something that would stop the blood bullies from bullying everyone. He spent 8 months inventing something that he thought would stop the blood bullies from bullying everyone.

After he finished he said “my invention will stop those bad bullies once and for all”. He ran down stairs hoped on his invention and ran to school trying to find the bullies. When he found the bullies he said “hey stupid heads come and get me”.

The bullies said “what is that” Sid said “this is just my invention called cowzilla”. Sid told cowzilla to charge at the bullies while the bullies started running away. After 10 minutes of chase the bullies the bullies promised that they would never ever bully anyone again and if they did they would get eaten by cowzilla.

Friday, 28 October 2016

The bush

One day 3 people were in the Bush looking at the animals and recording them with a camera. While they were recording a flock of Rainbow lorikeets out from the Bush came a Bear roaring at the 3 men and stomping his foot. The man with the the camera was ran away from his friends and the footpath while the other two kept on running straight ahead along the path.

The man with the camera which was called Eric kept on running until he came to a lake which had Dears, Kiwis, and even Moose,. The other two men which were called Tarkin and John came to a waterfall were John fell in and Tarkin ran around the waterfall where he lost the bear but also lost himself. Eric got his camera out and recorded all the animals happily living in the Bush even if the Bush was a scary place to be.

When John hit the water he swam to land thinking about getting home and not going into Bush. Tarkin kept on running seeing a bunch of moose running behind him. Eric was happy that he was videoing the animals until the wind started blowing so hard that all the trees started fall and all the animals started running away leaving Eric behind until Eric hopped onto a dear making the dear go so fast that him and the deer ran straight into Tarkin make the moose crash into the waterfall with a Moose, Tarkin, a Deer, and Eric.

John was surprised when he heard a splash noise in the lake wondering what it was. When Eric, Tarkin, a Deer, and a Moose, swam to land John was happy to see them and worried about how they could get home. Eric said “this Moose and this Deer could help us escape”. They hoped on the Moose and Deer and rode of into the direction of the way out of the Bush.

When they got out the Bush they ran to the zoo bringing the Deer and Moose hoping that they could add 2 more animals in the cage. The zookeeper said yes and got them ready to go in a new built cage. The 3 men were happy watching their animals walk in their new home happy that they were out of the bush and not in the wild.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ginger beer Fermentation


On tuesday we opened my teams ginger beer. When me and Harlyn opened our bottle the ginger beer jumped out and spreaded all over the floor and went on me. All the teams bottles went on the floor and Harlyn did not get wet because he jumped out of the way just in time.

We then got our cups and started to drink our drink. Our one tasted disgusting when my friend called Freedom tasted it and his group thought it was yum. When i went home that day all i could think about is the explosion.

Friday, 21 October 2016


A tuatara is a animal who have lived for about 80 million years. They eat squirrels, insects, beetles, spiders, birds, eggs, frogs, and small reptiles and mammals. They are reptiles not lizards. They live in new zealand. New zealand is the only place you will find them in the wild. If you get to close to a Tuatara it might bite you and may not let go for a very long time. Tuataras are nocturnal. Their closest relatives are dinosaurs. They can live up to 100 years. Tuataras, unlike lizards, like cold weather.

Olympic day

On Thursday we had Olympic days. We went in two lines while we walked towards our group. My group was Figi a so i tried to find year 1-4 Figi a. When everyone got in there teams our principal Mr Burt sent our groups with a teacher so they can look after us.

First we did the throw the shoe game where we have to throw the shoe into one of the 2 hops. The first hop gives you 1 point and the middle hop gives you 2 points. After we had finished my group had got 82 points and our team got just under 400 point and lost but it was close.

We then moved onto the obstacle course where you have to do stuff like crawl under stuff, jump over things. I race someone called Kennedy and he is a fast runner. He beat me the first round but when we raced again i beat him because he tripped over at the start of the race which let me run past him and beat him.

We did other stuff like kick the ball as far as you can, and then it was morning tea. We all went back to the court and waited for Mr Burt to tell us when we can go back to class and eat our food. When we got back to class we ate our food and then had play time.

After play time we all went back and sat in our team lines and waited for Mr Burt to send us off again. We followed our teacher to the next activity which was rop the nest where you have to get as many balls from the middle and when all the balls from the middle are gone you have to steal the balls from the other teams. My team took as many balls from the other team as we could and won.  

We moved on to the last thing we did and that was football. There were the year 1-2s playing against each other and the year 3-4s playing against each other. I kicked the ball over the goalkeeper's head twice and football was fun even though we lost.

After football we went to the court and waited until Mr Burt told us to do one more thing. He told us to walk on the grass, hold the plate in front of us, and wait until Mr Burt told us to stand up and keep the plate on our heads until Mr Burt said put the plate down. Then it was morning tea and Mr Burt sent us all of.

I love Olympic day!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Once there was a boy named Liam and he loved dreaming. He loved dreaming about penguins, elephants, it was the best thing for him. One night he ran into his bedroom, turned of the light, and walked into bed to fall asleep.

When he woke up he was in a lion's cage with 4 lions in it. Liam was petrified until a kid put down a rope and Liam climbed up it. When Liam got to the top Liam asked the kid “who are you and where are your parents”.

The kid said “I am Christopher and my parents are at home waiting for me to come back if you want you can come with me”. Liam said “ok” and they both went to Christopher’s home. When they got to Christopher’s home they took their shoes off and went inside.

When they got home Christopher’s dad asked “who is this boy”. Christopher said “this is Liam and i saved him from a lion’s cage”. Christopher’s dad said “i am Charlie and this is my wife Bella can i talk to you Liam”.

Liam said “yes” and Charlie and Liam walked upstairs. When they got upstairs Charlie asked Liam “how did you get in a lion’s cage?” Liam said “i do not know one moment i was home and the next moment i was i a lions cage”.

Liam asked “you please help me i don't know where i am i have lost my parents do you guys have anything that could get me home”. Charlie said “well we do have 4 flying brooms in case someone's in trouble like you”. Charlie said “let's get Christopher and let Bella stay and look after the house while we go flying”.

Charlie got Christopher and Liam, Charlie, Christopher, got the brooms and flew of. While they were flying some other people that were on brooms started shooting guns at them. “Who are these guys” Liam asked “these guys are world's best broom shooters they have won 52 badges without losing 1 match they will probably kill us all unless we grab our safety bow and shoot them before they shoot us”.

Charlie, Liam, and Christopher got out there bows and started shooting them. Liam told Charlie and Christopher to distract them while Liam flanked them. Charlie and Christopher said “yes” and Charlie flanked them and shoot them down. When Charlie, Christopher, and Liam, were just about to continue their journey the leader of the world's best broom riders showed up and shoot the back of Liam’s broom and he fell down.

When Charlie, Christopher, and Liam, were just about to continue their journey the leader of the world's best broom riders showed up and shoot the back of Liam’s broom and he fell down. Charlie and Christopher shoot the best broom rider and then went to save Liam before he hit the ground. Liam just about hit the ground when he woke up back home with a gasp.

“It was just a dream” he said while he got up to tell his parents his dream.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Madman and the zombie

Once there was a Scientist named Madman. One day Madman wanted to make big soft zombie toys for people so they can pretend to fight real zombies. Madman got rotten juice, oil, and 5 rotten bananas.

When he put all of the ingredients in a test tube, he stood back to watched the ingredients mix up but the creation did not work and the creation turn into real zombies. Madman ran away more scared than ever wondering ‘why did my invention not work’? When all the People saw the zombie they started screaming, and running, while Madman ran to the shops to get 10 big pieces of meat.

The pieces of meat were 21.00 dollars and Madman had 505.00 dollars. After Madman got the meat he ran straight to the zoo. When Madman got to the zoo he ran to the lion cage and jumped in.

The lions saw Madman they went to go and eat Madman until he threw a piece of meat behind the lions and the lion went to go get the piece of meat. While the lions were distracted Madman jumped on the back of a lion and put a piece of meat in front of it which made the lion go wherever Madman wants him to go. He pulled the lion towards the zombies and the lion ran to the zombies.

When the lion got there Madman made the lion go towards the zombies and defeat them.
The lion ran to the zombies and hit them with the lion's body. After all the zombies were defeated Madman said ‘i think i will call you meat eater’.

Madman and his lion were happy that they defeated the zombies.