Friday, 21 October 2016

Olympic day

On Thursday we had Olympic days. We went in two lines while we walked towards our group. My group was Figi a so i tried to find year 1-4 Figi a. When everyone got in there teams our principal Mr Burt sent our groups with a teacher so they can look after us.

First we did the throw the shoe game where we have to throw the shoe into one of the 2 hops. The first hop gives you 1 point and the middle hop gives you 2 points. After we had finished my group had got 82 points and our team got just under 400 point and lost but it was close.

We then moved onto the obstacle course where you have to do stuff like crawl under stuff, jump over things. I race someone called Kennedy and he is a fast runner. He beat me the first round but when we raced again i beat him because he tripped over at the start of the race which let me run past him and beat him.

We did other stuff like kick the ball as far as you can, and then it was morning tea. We all went back to the court and waited for Mr Burt to tell us when we can go back to class and eat our food. When we got back to class we ate our food and then had play time.

After play time we all went back and sat in our team lines and waited for Mr Burt to send us off again. We followed our teacher to the next activity which was rop the nest where you have to get as many balls from the middle and when all the balls from the middle are gone you have to steal the balls from the other teams. My team took as many balls from the other team as we could and won.  

We moved on to the last thing we did and that was football. There were the year 1-2s playing against each other and the year 3-4s playing against each other. I kicked the ball over the goalkeeper's head twice and football was fun even though we lost.

After football we went to the court and waited until Mr Burt told us to do one more thing. He told us to walk on the grass, hold the plate in front of us, and wait until Mr Burt told us to stand up and keep the plate on our heads until Mr Burt said put the plate down. Then it was morning tea and Mr Burt sent us all of.

I love Olympic day!

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  1. I think you are drawing something it's like a game or it is a game i don't know but that guy is jumping it's really look like a art or a game but it's look cool. My name is Ryan i'm form Room 8.