Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Madman and the zombie

Once there was a Scientist named Madman. One day Madman wanted to make big soft zombie toys for people so they can pretend to fight real zombies. Madman got rotten juice, oil, and 5 rotten bananas.

When he put all of the ingredients in a test tube, he stood back to watched the ingredients mix up but the creation did not work and the creation turn into real zombies. Madman ran away more scared than ever wondering ‘why did my invention not work’? When all the People saw the zombie they started screaming, and running, while Madman ran to the shops to get 10 big pieces of meat.

The pieces of meat were 21.00 dollars and Madman had 505.00 dollars. After Madman got the meat he ran straight to the zoo. When Madman got to the zoo he ran to the lion cage and jumped in.

The lions saw Madman they went to go and eat Madman until he threw a piece of meat behind the lions and the lion went to go get the piece of meat. While the lions were distracted Madman jumped on the back of a lion and put a piece of meat in front of it which made the lion go wherever Madman wants him to go. He pulled the lion towards the zombies and the lion ran to the zombies.

When the lion got there Madman made the lion go towards the zombies and defeat them.
The lion ran to the zombies and hit them with the lion's body. After all the zombies were defeated Madman said ‘i think i will call you meat eater’.

Madman and his lion were happy that they defeated the zombies.

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