Monday, 31 October 2016

Sid and cowzilla

Once there was a kid named Sid. Every day at school a clan of bullies called the blood bullies use to throw stuff at sid and say “hi sid the dirty squid”. One day at school Sid was walking to class when the blood bullies started shouting “hi sid the dirty squid”.

Sid got so angry at the blood bullies he punched one of the bullies in the head knocking him out making the other bullies running away. Sid carried on his walk to class and when everyone saw Sid they all started chasing Sid terrifying Sid and making Sid run out of school running home and shutting the door behind him. When his mother saw Sid she said “what are you doing home so early sweety”.

“Sorry mum everyone was chasing me” said Sid while he was running upstairs to his room. When he got upstairs he thought of something that would stop the blood bullies from bullying everyone. He spent 8 months inventing something that he thought would stop the blood bullies from bullying everyone.

After he finished he said “my invention will stop those bad bullies once and for all”. He ran down stairs hoped on his invention and ran to school trying to find the bullies. When he found the bullies he said “hey stupid heads come and get me”.

The bullies said “what is that” Sid said “this is just my invention called cowzilla”. Sid told cowzilla to charge at the bullies while the bullies started running away. After 10 minutes of chase the bullies the bullies promised that they would never ever bully anyone again and if they did they would get eaten by cowzilla.

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