Friday, 28 October 2016

The bush

One day 3 people were in the Bush looking at the animals and recording them with a camera. While they were recording a flock of Rainbow lorikeets out from the Bush came a Bear roaring at the 3 men and stomping his foot. The man with the the camera was ran away from his friends and the footpath while the other two kept on running straight ahead along the path.

The man with the camera which was called Eric kept on running until he came to a lake which had Dears, Kiwis, and even Moose,. The other two men which were called Tarkin and John came to a waterfall were John fell in and Tarkin ran around the waterfall where he lost the bear but also lost himself. Eric got his camera out and recorded all the animals happily living in the Bush even if the Bush was a scary place to be.

When John hit the water he swam to land thinking about getting home and not going into Bush. Tarkin kept on running seeing a bunch of moose running behind him. Eric was happy that he was videoing the animals until the wind started blowing so hard that all the trees started fall and all the animals started running away leaving Eric behind until Eric hopped onto a dear making the dear go so fast that him and the deer ran straight into Tarkin make the moose crash into the waterfall with a Moose, Tarkin, a Deer, and Eric.

John was surprised when he heard a splash noise in the lake wondering what it was. When Eric, Tarkin, a Deer, and a Moose, swam to land John was happy to see them and worried about how they could get home. Eric said “this Moose and this Deer could help us escape”. They hoped on the Moose and Deer and rode of into the direction of the way out of the Bush.

When they got out the Bush they ran to the zoo bringing the Deer and Moose hoping that they could add 2 more animals in the cage. The zookeeper said yes and got them ready to go in a new built cage. The 3 men were happy watching their animals walk in their new home happy that they were out of the bush and not in the wild.

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