Friday, 20 November 2015

Museum writing

On Thursday our school went to the museum in a bus .it took a while to get there and was very loud. When we got there we went into the atrium and saw a man called josh. He told us where to go and what to do.

We got a booklet to do activity in. In the activitys there were thing like a word search and a place activity and got a cover to draw on. We got to see a real elephant and bones of dinosaurs. We held a triceratops horn and held a dinosaur egg. We had some lunch in a room near a Antarctica picture cover by glass. We went into a pretend bed room and saw a Xbox 1 controller. We also saw 1970 thing like bordes,a classroom that was empty.

It was awesome at the museum. I went into the Maori room and saw a  set of tea. I did a bit in my word search but didn't do very much. We used my bag to carry varnces and my stuff. I ate a sandwich a apple a banana a pack of Rayzins and a chocolate chip measly bar. I threw my rubbish in the bin. I climbed up the treehouse and saw a big ape.

When we left the museum I said "good bye museum." We got back on a bus to school. When we got back It was home time My favourite part was the emperor penguin.

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