Friday, 22 September 2017


Last week on Thursday, me and my class went to Stardome. We started by getting into groups. My group's leader was my Dad and the Kids that were in my group were Harlyn, Hunter, Isaiah, Rosie, Deelani and Ana. After Ms Telea talked to us about the Stardome, we hopped onto the bus. While we were in the Bus, some people felt hot but i didn’t. When we finally got off the bus, we sat on the grass and waited for our Teachers instructions. We then sat on some chairs and listened to a man named John. I felt very excited when he said that their are some Moons that we can possibly live on. After he talked to us about Space, he told us to do a Challenge where we had to complete 7 questions in a certain amount of time. Our team got at least 5/7 or 6/7 of the questions correct. Once the time was up we went and watched a movie called Solar System Odyssey. We then went back on the bus and went to School. I love the Stardome.

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