Thursday, 14 March 2019

Polyfest Reflection 2019

Have you ever heard of, or been to polyfest? Polyfest is a famous cultural event in NZ that is on for 4 days every year, and has been going on for 44 years. Polyfest offers a range of activities, performances, food stalls, and more.

Polyfest schools day is on the first day of polyfest, and let's schools come in and see performances. It also lets them do stuff like dance with people, and learn about things like fire safety. There are also a variety of stands and shops that have food and toys in them.`

Some of my highlights of polyfest were the Kapa Haka, which was amazing and was one of the only shows that we saw. Another highlight was playing all the games like Big Connect 4, Big Knorts and Crosses, and throw the ball in the bucket, we spent up to 20-30 minutes of our free time there.

Overall, polyfest is amazing and I definitely want to go there again.

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