Friday, 19 February 2016

Lost In The Forest

At night in the deep dark forest a little boy called eric was playing rugby when he was hit on the head with the ball. that made him get angry and run of intd been of the forest. it was 1 minute later when he realized he was lost. eric tried to find his way back but instead he ran into a bunch of rabbits. the rabbits were running away from some hunters. e rabbits. the rabbits jumped into their holes but eric couldn't fit in the holes. the hunters were getting closer and closer. Eric tried to run but the hunters shot him with a dart gun and he fell asleep. one hour later Eric was hanging above a pit of lava. Eric didn't know what to do. as quick as a flash Eric's parents came and pushed the hunters in the lava. they then got a ladder and got Eric down and he was safe once again.

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