Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Film festival

Last wednesday my entire school went to there Manaiakalani Film Festival. We lined up at our class and walked nicely to the bus. When we reached the bus we hopped on with excitement and sat down waiting for the bus to go.

When the bus went I thought of what our movie would be like and asked myself “what will our movies be like”? Finally we got to sylvia park and hopped off the bus. We walked to our Manaiakalani Film Festival and sat down with our friends.

Sitting with my friends I waited anxiously for the movies to start. When the movies began I listened to what the presenters said for their movies and then watched their movies. Every movie was great and the acting was awesome.

When all the movies had finished we walked to the buses and thought of all the cool movies there had been. When we got back to class one of our teachers told us to do blog comments on the Manaiakalani movies until it was morning tea time. I love Manaiakalani Film Festival.

My favourite movie was the bmg short for big manaiakalani giant, the bmg has grey hair, wears a cape, he gives kids dreams and gives nightmares to bad people, he wears brown and white clothes. I love the movie because there is a movie called the bfg a real movie about a big friendly giant. I also like it because someone drew a really good picture of what the bfg really looks like.

Our class had 3 movies because we had 3 teachers and each teacher did a movie. One of our movies was called the family where our class was waving at each other like a family. Our second movie was called go for gold.

Go for gold is about trying your best and never giving up even when it seems impossible. Our final movie was similar to the second movie except there was more running and way more falling. My favourite movie out of the 3 movies our class was go for gold because it made me feel like playing in my old rugby team.

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