Thursday, 24 November 2016

Athletics day

3 weeks ago we did athletics. We lined up at class, walked to the court, and sat down in our groups. Finally when everyone was in there lines Mr Burt talked to us about being kind and not cheating and then we went.

The first event we played was shot put. Shot Put is a game where you have to hold a ball next to your neck, take 2 side steps forward, and throw the ball as far as you can. The ball was hard and i tried to get it past the champions but I was put in the practice line because I threw it out.

After we played shot put we moved to tug of war. Tug of war is a game where you have to try pull the rope to your side and stop the other team from doing the same. Our team lost all the rounds we played because on the first round our team lost and also the rope made our hands hurt for a long time.

We did other games like high jump, discus, and much more events. After all the events were done in the first half we went back to the court and sat back in our lines ready to go to morning tea. My favourite event in the first half was discus because it was so fun throwing the discus and seeing how far it went.

After Mr Burt told us that we did good in the first half and that we were all super stars we ran to class and had morning tea. After morning tea we went back in our lines at the court and waited again for Mr Burt to send us of. This time we did some games from youthtown and not events from our school.

One of the games we played was dodgeball. The dodgeball we played was different because when you get hit by the ball you sit down and wait for the person that tagged you to get hit and then stand up and try get everyone else standing up. I did really well at not getting tagged until the end where I was tagged and had to wait until the end to get up again.

My favourite game that youthtown brought us was javelin. Javelin is a game where you have to shoot the stick and try get it further than your opponent. I went up first and did not get it further than my opponent but since i was the first one to throw it in my group I got to go into the champions.

We played so many other games from youthtown. After we played all the games from youthtown we went to the court, waited for Mr Burt to send us of, and then went to get lunch. After lunch we sat on the grass and watch the big kids and teachers race.

It was so fun watching the big people race and even for fun watching my team win. After the race was finished we stood up and went back to class ready to go home. I love athletics day!


  1. That is a cool picture. how long did it take to draw.Cruz rm11

  2. nice drawing next time make more tanks. i thnik you can make it big. From Zahaad rm 9 hes

  3. Hello my name is Tidus. Nice drawing you got there, pretty awesome.
    Wow you wrote so much, good job Caleb.