Monday, 8 January 2018

The Zoo

After the Bug Lab, we went to the Zoo. The first animal we saw was the Seal Lion which were quite tired. Then we saw some rescued penguins who were being fed by a Zookeeper.

Then we headed over have some food and drink. After our food and drinks we went and then saw Tuataras, Flamingos, Rhinos and lots more. My favorite animal was the Rhino.

Then we headed home.

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  1. Hey Caleb, it's Billy here from the Summer Learning Journey. I am so impressed with your holiday blogging. It's awesome that you're writing and sharing all of the cool stuff you're doing this summmer.
    We would love for you to participate in the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's a lot of fun and you get to learn a bit about New Zealand's history too.

    Here is this link;

    Thanks, Billy