Monday, 8 January 2018

Bug Lab

2 days ago my family and I went to the Bug Lab display at the zoo. When we went in the first thing I saw and went on was the bug slide. It was a slide that looked like you were getting swallowed by a bug, Eww!

The next thing I saw was the bee hive, where the bees were attacking a wasp. To win as the bees you had to rub your hands on the pads and generate heat. We saw lots of other things including a speeded up display, a video about eating bugs, a video about brain surgeon wasps and many more.

After looking at lots of other things mum bought me and my brother some toy insects to scare our dad. Then we left the Bug Lab and went to the zoo.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Caleb, wow this looks incredible! Is this at the Auckland Zoo or is it at Motat? I'd love to check it out sometime. It looks so realistic as well.

    What was your favourite part?

    Did you manage to scare your dad?

    Thanks, Billy