Thursday, 22 February 2018

Egg friend Challenge

Today was very very weird. Mr Goodwin asked us to look after an egg, which had a face! Have you ever looked after an egg?

As Mr Goodwin told us about the eggs, I felt so excited and joyful that flowers could have bloomed. He handed us the eggs with a vivid and we started drawing our faces. Everyone was laughing at each others eggs because they looked very silly. Freedom’s one had a beard, Toby's one had a big mouth and my one was just a egg with a normal human face. After lots of giggles Mr Goodwin told us.

After lots of giggles Mr Goodwin told us to stand up and walk outside. Everyone stood up and walked outside with happiness. As I waited for Mr Goodwin I wonder what where we going to do. Then Mr Goodwin came out and asked us to cradle our eggs. I thought we were going to play the egg on the spoon.
But I was not expecting what came next.

I walked close to the park with confusion as we stopped near the parks. “Get into groups of Four or Five” said Mr Goodwin as I looked for people to be in my group. When we got into groups Mr Goodwin told us to line up for him to take a picture of us. The first group got on the park with there egg and Mr Goodwin took a picture of them, then they ran on the park. Then my group went on the park, got our picture taken and off we went. I ran across some of the park but when I went to climb on something, my egg cracked.

I think the egg challenge is really fun. I recommend that you do play this. Even though my egg cracked.

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