Friday, 18 May 2018

Pass the story

Once there was a big beetle named Bob. Bob was different because he had a very big bottom. All the other animals laughed at him because of his bottom. One day Bob was walking along when he heard a noise. He then scuttled over to the noise and he saw a ant was stuck in the tree. Bob went to go and help him but the ant didn’t want Bob to help him because of the his big bottom. Bob sadly walked up a tree and saw a worm in a crows mouth calling for help he offered help but the worm didn’t want his help. He sadly kept on walking and found another beetle she had an equally big bottom as him. So he started to eat a lot of food and after he could not walked because he had a big bottom. Also his Bottom weighed 1219038732874937683697236498364837548676 kg He could not control it because it was ULTRA ULTRA big. So since he couldn't stand, walk, and feel happy he stayed home everyday. He was so embarrassed but he couldn’t live like that anymore so he said that “ he got ready to go to the new gym “he whet to the gym and he started lifting weights he did it but he only did 1. The next day he started watching Tv he was watching food Tv and a ad came on how to become strong call 000,000,000 so he he called it and a man came to his house and he looked awful as.

Task description
In this activity me and my class played pass the story. The way you play is you write something and then someone else carrys on the story and you carry on doing that until someone says stop.

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