Monday, 9 April 2018

Food War Part 1: The beginning of the war

Once there was a man who bought every food he saw. Some of the foods he bought where Wasabi, Sushi, Tomato Sauce and almost every food you could think of. One day the man was walking around when suddenly he started screaming. The man screamed for about 10 seconds and then collapsed. Luckily the neighbor heard the man screaming and came over to see what the problem was. When he saw the man on the floor he instantly called 111 and an ambulance came straight away. When the man got to the hospital the doctor told the neighbor that the man had a heart attack that had also hurt his throat. Then the neighbor went home to have a rest.

Back in the man’s house the food was either on the table or in the fridge or in the closet making no noise. Suddenly one of the banana grows an eye, and the same thing happened to the apple, and the Spaghetti and after a few minutes all the food had two eyes, a nose, a mouth with teeth and arm’s. “Whi-where are we” said a Orange as he looked around the room. “We might be in a secret hideout” said a Lamb chop. “That is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard” said a carrot. “I am a vegetable and I know that we are the smartest of you all”. “No candy is the smartest type” said a Cotton Candy. “No” said the carrot, “Yes” said the Cotton Candy. “Yyyyyyyaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” shouted the carrot as he started punching the Cotton Candy. He punched the Cotton Candy about 6 times and then ripped our some of the Cotton Candy. “Aaaahhhh” Screamed the Cotton Candy for about 4 seconds and then went quiet, he was dead.

“Yu-you killed Cottun” said another Cotton Candy. “So what” said the Carrot. “Rrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh”! Said the Cotton Candy. “Rrrrrrhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhh”! Shouted the Cotton Candy as he leaped up towards the Carrot and punched him away. “If you don’t care about my friend why should I care about you”. “Wo-wo-wo don’t hurt him even though he killed your friend”. Said a Apple. “Don’t tell me what to do” said the Cotton candy. The apple suddenly pushed the cotton candy away. “Your gonna pay for what you did”! Shouted the Cotton Candy as he ran towards the Apple. “Who knows” said the Apple as he ran towards the Cotton Candy. They both jump up, they both get there fists out and…….

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