Friday, 27 May 2016

Amazing Art Adventure

Imagine you did not have to do any maths and reading. First we got to work on a whare in our own class which we had to put taniwha on. We all had different designed taniwha that made each of our own taniwha unique.

Then we went to the class next to use where we had to draw a boy out off the word boy. To make It you draw the word boy then add a dot In the o and the d, then you add the the top and bottom part of the y to the top and bottom part of the d then you add the nose eyes mouth and eyebrows then colour him or her in. We also made a cat out of the word cat.

We went to our last class Mrs Taylor's class. We all had to make something with 7 different shapes. My one was made very quick and then I went to help people for the rest of the rotation. I loved my amazing art adventure.

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